BELIEVE…in yourself, first. 

Too long for a facebook post, I thought I would blog this ramble…

I had a lovely conversation this morning after both bootcamp sessions, with some of the ladies.  The conversations were about life, love and acceptance.

With so much out there in the world to help distract us from ourselves, it’s no wonder why so many people can’t find their direction or peace.

When I used to teach Body & Mind, we’d do a few minutes of meditation at the end of the session. In those moments I encouraged participants to be selfish. To forget about everyone and everything, children, partners, pets, all bad things and even good. It was selfish time to rejeuvanate, to accept ourselves for exactly who and what we were whilst lying there on the ground in those very moments. To smile to ourselves, to love ourselves, for if we can’t/don’t love ourselves, how do we do it outwardly?…

This morning we talked about being mindful, and how difficult it is.  It takes a hell of  alot of practice, and you can never be too good at it. It is an art I started to learn in my early 20’s and still have some way to go.

What I really wanted to say in this post was that, when life is going well, be thankful for the things that you have, and do things that will help you in the bad times, because they too, will come.  Happiness/sadness are impermanent, and once you can accept that, life is actually brighter. We discussed this morning how reading a self-help book when you’re down in the dumps is practically suicidal.  Been there, done that!

So, do yourself a favor and when you’re happy,  give thought to how you might handle a “bad” situation. IE, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, getting a disease….Not trying at all to be a downer on you, but from my own experiences, I used to really fret about bad stuff, and wished that life would stay good. Every time something went wrong, it was like a kick in the teeth, and I suffered tremendously and needlessly (based on what I know now).

Embrace yourself, as you are, inside and out. Envisage the good things you deserve in your life and bring them to you. With a sound mind, you are capable of achieving your life’s dreams.

Ladies-I thank you for sharing your hearts this morning!

Much love,

PS: If any of this sounds familiar, I’d love to hear your stories on self-belief and making dreams come true..


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