Be Grateful

After finishing my “Grateful Log” the other night, feeling so strongly about it, I thought I must share it with you all.

I love writing and have journals that date back to when I was around 13 years old (my first food diary!), but the Grateful Log is something I learned about and introduced into my life a few months ago.

It’s something I picked up from Charles Poliquin whilst on his BioSignature Modulation course, and as soon as he mentioned it, I “got it.”

Since February 90% of the time, I’ve done my Grateful log before hitting the sack.  What a way to fall asleep!

All you have to do is write down 10 things you were grateful for during the day, with the last 3 things being things that haven’t happened yet, but by being grateful for them, over and over again, those things will come. (IE: I’m grateful for the amazing deal I got on my new car). Believe you me, as far fetched as it sounds-they come!  I believe Charles said “what you appreciate appreciates.”

Want more love in your life? Appreciate the love you have. Want more good friends in your life? Appreciate the ones you have and be good to them.

It really is that simple.  Keep doing it in the bad times, and answers will come, to bring about the good times again.

When I ask clients to start a grateful log, there’s always a bit of confusion at the start..What do I write? Well, this is just it. So many good things do happen to us in a day, or maybe bad (which we can also be grateful to learn from), but we tend to forget the little sweet stuff quickly…

I remember a day last winter, where I was on a bus heading to a meeting.  It was a horrible day and I was on the verge of tears. An older gentlemen, who’d I seen on the bus another time (and remembered because of his hat), whilst getting off the bus, touched my arm and wished me a wonderful day. To that dear soul, I am still grateful today.

There are many of you who went into my Grateful Log this week. Some of you new, some of you came back after being away for a while, and some of you are in there every night.  A handful of you contributed to setting me free again and for that, grateful seems an understatement.

Write it down and watch your life change in front of your eyes. Once again, “What you appreciate, appreciates.” Thank you Charles. 



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