Winds of Change-the end of Misfit of BA Bootcamp

Whilst chatting with my dear younger sister, Nicky earlier, (who’s sometimes more like a mother or even spiritual guide), we set out some things to do: Keep exterior negative energy at bay, hang on to some love for ourselves instead of giving it all away, and do what feels most right.

Why this talk of energy? Well, it’s that time again. The “Winds of Change” have come and I’m gently easing into my next thing. After almost 3 years, Bootcamp Fitness comes to a close at the end of July.  It’s not something I’ve been planning for a while, in fact, the decision was made after some much needed “me time,” a few weeks back.

I was lucky enough to tag along with a dear friend to the International Film Festival in Trencianske Teplice, very last minute, and that time away gave me some insight, and clarity as to what I’m doing with my life.

I have loved doing Bootcamp, and through it learned lots about myself and others. It started out as mainly a physical program, but after only a few months, the feedback I was recieving was that people’s lives were changing, which has been so touching for me, and one of the reasons I kept going for as long as I did, solo.

Admittedly, I had bigger ideas for bootcamp, but I’m happy with what I did achieve. To those who participated, whether for a single session, program, or time and time again, or a guest from afar, I am ever so thankful. And then there are those who were/are not only “Misfits” but have become very dear friends, some of whom are long gone from Slovakia but still close to my heart. A tremendous ride it’s been. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, for me, it is a great pleasure to be of service to people, to inspire to motivate, to perhaps edge one person “out of the box”.  This I shall continue, but just in a different way.  As I go forward, I’ll take on a more tailored/individual approach with nutrition, to continue making a difference and help shape not just bodies, but lives. Of course, following my TEDx talk, I’d love to delve into more public speaking and carry on a message of beating the odds at all costs, not only surviving, but thriving.

A little while after I started with this blog, and after our conversation, Nicky (who, I must mention, turned 31 today, but doesn’t look a day older than 17!), sent me a message on whasapp, “I love you Manj! I wanted to say I have the utmost respect for you in life! Your life path reminds me of the book Eat, Pray, Love.” Wow, a tear jerker, indeed, thanks Nicky.

It was Elizabeth Gilbert who greatly inspired me when I first moved here to Slovakia, in reading that exact book, “Eat, Pray, Love.” She gave me fire, inspiration, and vision….Thank YOU, Mz. Gilbert.

In just under three years, I’ve moved countries, parted ways with the man who led me here, met and almost married “Mr. Right,” and amongst a kajillion other things, kept my business going all the while.   That’s just the last little while, nevermind marriage, divorce, working in a castle in France for the Sultan of Oman, serving George Michael champagne, earning way too much much money for washing dishes in Crete…I think it’s safe to say my life has been quite a trip, and the best part is that I am free. I love, have love and am free all the same. What a feeling. Perhaps this is a good time to finally start my book, which I’ve been threatening to write for too long…

If you’re not, get inspired and live. REALLY LIVE.


4 thoughts on “Winds of Change-the end of Misfit of BA Bootcamp

  1. Good for you Manj. Challenge is what makes things interesting and exciting in life…the challenge can be anything, big or small but none the less significant for the bearer. When I gave you Eat Pray Love, interestingly I was one of those few that about 2/3 of the way I fell out of love with the book.I actually got irritated and bored with it. Perhaps because at that point I felt no relation to her, where as when i read Shantaram I could not stop… However from first chapter i thought Manj should read this book and it needs to be shared. Nothing like a book that gets to 'travel' the world with lots of different owners along the way.Words are for sharing. Why is it that one persons words can affect you more than anothers? Perhaps its the time the place the person is at that point?…Recently I realised I thought my challenge was my move across New Zealand and the PhD. But now I think, actually that was easy (the move, I am sure I will develop the love hate relationship with teh PhD at some point!). There are other things that I am getting involved in that are so simplistic in its nature and yet scare me half to death, and these particular things are what I realise are taking me out of my comfort zone and really starting to challenge me.I take that as a good sign for growth. If it was easy it would not be a challenge would it? I realisd that the fear of failure can help push us out of our comfort zone and strive for bigger and better things.But why do I have this fear? Because I did not have the beleif…and as I learn and open my mind more I realise my own challenge is to beleif and I start to give 'flesh' to my words.I don't carry a lucky charm, but what I do carry from country to country is this magnet that was given to me by Emma C. The words are simple yet poignant…
    “Leap And The Net Will Appear”
    So keep giving flesh to your words those nets will always be there.

    Love Life and Live Life to the Fullest, go girl!
    M xx


  2. Mo, thanks so much for your response. I know you're going through your own winds of change too, now being half way across the world, and I trust you really ARE doing well. You're totally right, with the fear of failure, and hence, good on you girl, for eyeing fear without blinking. No one said it would be easy, but you're SO far out of your comfort zone.
    A million thanks for passing on “Eat Pray Love” to me. It was the right thing at the right time for me.
    As for your lucky charm from your dear friend, Emma, those are true words of wisdom. You're doing just that, and we both know how many times I jumped, (figuratively), and sometimes landed on my feet, sometimes on my face. The important thing is we always land, right? And if it so happens to be on our faces, then we rise, wipe off all the dirt, and walk on (or run in some cases 😉
    Love you sis, and am so glad we found our way back to each other. Some friendships are for a season, others for a reason, ours is for a lifetime, no matter where in the world we are.

    Keep shining sweetheart. xoxoM


  3. Manj, thank you for this heartfelt blog, I think I´m going to read it again and again today just to feel the energy and love and courrage comming from your words. I´m very happy and proud to meet you in this part of your story which you are about to end right now. And the book??? YES! I know I´m going to read it one day :)))



  4. Sweetheart, you're very welcome, and thank you also for your lovely words. You are very much a part of this story, from the last couple years, and going forward ;D
    Much love to you,


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