Misfit’s latest, "Only 10 Program"

“Only 10” Specialty Program for Women
Yes, it’s true, I’m bringing back Bootcamp Fitness, well, a revamped version of the old program:) For a numbers of reasons which I’ll detail below, but essentially, we’re going back to basics.
The Only 10 program is a specialty Bootcamp program for 10 women, over 10 days (an hour each weekday morning), for €10/day. 
Why specialty? It is all encompassing and more holistic program with equal focus given towards body and mind, not only the high intensity interval training of bootcamp, but also yoga, tai chi and meditation.
Why women only? (Sorry gentlemen, nothing against you, however), in my experience when it’s just us girls, there’s so much more of an emotional release and connection, and not only physical but spiritual gain that we inherently need, to rejuvenate.  We’re often doing ten things at the same time, giving to everyone but ourselves (or just not enough), & trying to keep a calm demeanor all the while. Or, on the very flip side, we’re bored and need the collective energy of others to reignite our passion, drive, and inspiration. 
10 days? (And only 4x a year in one location).  It’s a fair amount of time for positive change.  Despite the dreadful 7am start time, you’ll find yourself so excited by the time you go to bed to have to wake up early for Bootcamp. No word of a lie- I’ve heard it from many before. 🙂
€10/day…? For more than personal training results, sure. You’ll start to see changes in your body, and also feel changes in your mindset, which is invaluable in itself.  My goal is to give back to YOU, your very spirit, to teach you everything I can about fitness/nutrition and more, without judgement or bias.
Really, you’ll laugh, and even cry, bringing to Bootcamp emotions (positive or negative), from the night before, which need releasing, or maybe early morning craziness. Whatever. You can indeed swear at the top of your lungs at me, when I’m making you suffer, (ONLY within our Bootcamp space), and then we hug and kiss on our way out. 🙂
The greatest changes, are the specific inclusion of Body & Mind, and at least a couple of minutes of meditation, every day. I wish for you to exit each session with a smile on your face and beaming with positive energy.
Finally, at the end of our 2 weeks together, you’ll be invited to join my private Facebook page to carry on with our successes. I wish to see you excel long after our program, and the greatest chance of doing that is through the support and encouragement within the group you trained, along with others I’ve worked with. Of course, you don’t have to join, but I do recommend it 🙂 xxM
How To Apply
WHEN:      08-19 April
WHERE:    Darifit Studio (http://goo.gl/maps/RiYxC
TIMINGS:   7-8am
*COST:       €100 (includes free food diary assessment if booking is made by 03 April).
*advance payment required.

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