ENERGY ( & not the kind you pay for!).

There’s certainly something in the air these days. Perhaps it’s got to do with the promise of spring around the corner and much needed sunshine, but for me, it’s much deeper. 
After a recent slump in my personal energy, it feels great to be “switched on,” again. 
I’ve had a phenomenal week here in Bratislava, waking up every morning, with a beautiful group of women who committed themselves to bootcamp with me. Despite being tired on arrival, we all left with a smile (& they even kept cursing to a minimum)! 😉 
Relaunching Bootcamp, back to its original form, a 2 week specialty program for women, was the best decision I’ve made of late. It’s been full of laughs, sweat, groaning, etc, but best of all, the ENERGY which has flowed in and around us, has been nothing short of magnificent. 
The goodness didn’t end at 8am with bootcamp though. The momentum and energy carried through into every day, meeting old and new friends, bumping into people I’d not seen in ages or was thinking of, riding the tram, people watching..I even did a couple of commercials (voice-casting), which yes, if you’d seen the post on FB, was where I made €100 in 5 minutes :). 
And then there came today….Little did I know the surprise Friday would bring me. At 8:17am this morning, it was confirmed that I’d be attending Rachel Elnaugh’s worship at The Inner Winner Festival.   I only caught the last few minutes of the workshop, but enough to feel Rachel’s energy. 
Lucky was I, to be able to the spend a couple of hours with this incredible woman, alongside Henika & Marian. The conversations we had were confirmations of my personal beliefs, and the whole experience reminded me that I need to surround myself with like minded people. Yes again, the base is energy, and between us, cycled effortlessly. I’m grateful for today’s impromptu meeting!!! 
Finally, earlier I talked about being in a slump, which I totally was, and which I’m totally not anymore. To each of you who shared your time, love and energy with me, I thank you dearly. Seems when I chose to get out of my slump, there was a team of angels ready and waiting. So much love to each of you! 
Hang on, I’m about to sign off and its only early afternoon–there’s still much to look forward! I’ve been away from home for 5 days now, and am pretty excited to see my other half, later today :)))).  While I’ve been off boot camping and re-energizing, he’s been at home composing new music which I get to set my ears to tomorrow. ;D 
Ladies and gents, I wish you the peace and love I feel running through my veins. Have a brilliant weekend!!! 

2 thoughts on “ENERGY ( & not the kind you pay for!).

  1. Dearest, I am so happy for you when reading these lines… keep up the work you are doing, because you really are one of the biggest sources of positive energy I ever met – you are really spinning the wheel! Much love from Prague 🙂


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