"It’s all in your head," says the angel in the living room :)

It’s great to be back home after a week in Bratislava, albeit by the time I leave, I’ll have spent only just over 24 hours here. Short, but most certainly sweet. 😉

We have a friend over, (whom I’ve only just met), and what a dear soul she is. To be in her presence is like having an angel in the room, you can’t help but smile, and feel good.

Not that age matters, but she won’t tell me how old she is. I’ve guessed around my mothers age, by the way she looks, early 60’s, but I tell you her laugh, her spirit, her mind, are all youthful.

Seems she’s got a new lease on life, and the reason I’m sharing this is because you can too, if need be, at whatever age.

Part of this new lease came from dropping 40kg, with complete ease, not too long ago.  She’s conscious about food, always has been, however didn’t make huge changes, neither in fitness (her form of physical activity is walking). (Jeeze louise, she’s playing the piano just now, while I write-really, this could be heaven!!!!!!!).

When I asked her what it was, and how she finally dropped all this weight, she vocalized what my exact thoughts: she changed her mind and just made a decision to do it.

I know that might sound ridiculous, too esoteric what have you, but, even my own experiences with myself, partner, some clients are the same.

My ideas about fitness and nutrition have indeed changed a lot over the last year. If you read the recent article in “LA FEMME,” magazine (yes yes, an English translation is to come!), I talk about throwing away “the rules,” of food.

I’ll save that for another post, but really, food was destroying me because I allowed it to, over so many years, whether I was fit or not. Actually I need to correct myself- I was destroying ME, not food.  You see the difference…? Is this you too? Think about it, alot, it didn’t come to me over night.

Sign off time, as I wish to get back into the living room, where the sounds of this lovely angel, her music and laughter in equal measure, are calling for me.

Have yourselves a beautiful rest of the weekend!



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