True stories from just one day last week-the blessed day I asked for. ASK & YOU SHALL RECIEVE

As we’re not all facebook friends, I’m going to repeat a story I shared last week on my wall, plus a couple of others. All true 🙂 

Just a few hours ago, I jumped on a tram. Feeling I didn’t need to sit, I gave up my seat and stood at the back. Along came three older men, (who also chose not to take up empty seats), who were in great spirits, laughing, chatting loudly (slightly inebriated 😉 ). 
I was sending a message on my phone, and they joked about kids always being on there mobiles. (Oddly, when I boarded the tram, I’d made a conscious NOT to pull out my phone so I wasn’t distracting myself from the life around me-it didn’t even phase me when I then, absent mindedly pulled it out, only few minutes into the ride).
One of the fellas said something to me which I partially understood (all in Slovak). I responded as best as I could, and hurriedly finished my message, and proclaimed, “skončila som/ I’m done!” And shoved my phone in my pocket. That impressed them and they continued laughing away, and winking every now & again. 😉 The whole lot of us were all smiles.
Finally, my stop had come, and I wished them all well, but one of the gentlemen got off too. I looked over my shoulder to see him coming along, slowly behind me & sensed he wanted to chat so waited for him. Between almost gasps for breath, he told me that he was 79 years old, and that he and his buddies, had been together like that for 20 years.
We had but a few seconds left to chat as we were heading off in opposite directions, & he held one of my hands in both of his and wished me all the best in this country, with happy tears, looking back as he both walked away. I kind of just stood there and took it in for a few seconds…

Immediately after, I called my other half and excitedly told him what just happened and how beautiful it the encounter was. He agreed, also being immersed with his own blessed events back home. We were both feeling pretty lucky.

What happened shortly after nearly blew my mind again, in the best of ways.

I had an impromptu dinner with a couple of friends, whom hadn’t met one another before. Neither of us three knew how strong those few hours together would be, and it seemed the intensity of blessed events was increasing, although none was more important than the other.

I’d been to Bemba, a raw food restaurant a couple days prior, and liked it so much I had to go back. There the first time, I got to chatting with the (sole) waitress, a lovely young girl. We’d got on the conversation about meat as she’s assumed that we were vegetarians, and I exclaimed that I am indeed an omnivore. I saw her eyes kind of drop, and I sensed she didn’t like the fact that I ate animals….I told her I’d been a vegetarian for years and it hadn’t worked for me, and we all must do what we feel is best for our spirit, and if vegetarianism suits her, that’s great, it just doesn’t suit me. 

She was working again the second evening, and was buzzing around us, as the three of us were having an intense conversation about the mind, body, spirit, and a realm outside the physical.

Not that it affected me, but I thought I’d dropped a few notches in this young girls mind, not being a raw food purist/ or vegetarian/vegan etc., but eventually she approached our table and now spoke fully in Slovak to my friends (as she felt more comfortable).

After the already beautiful experience with the dear older man, when this happened I felt like Cupid had struck me with something or other that day.

Young Kikuš, asked my friends to translate, that normally what she was experiencing doesn’t happen to her. She exclaimed that she was getting an a huge, positive aura coming off of me…I was surprised and touched.

She was so inquisitive, so thirsty to for information on the things we were discussing and asked how I could have such an aura…It’s love I said, without giving it a seconds thought.

Without asking, she had an understanding that I must have gone through a lot to get to this point, and I professed that indeed I had, that life hadn’t been easy to me.

One of my friends then asked, “but you must get angry, no? What do you do…?”

I’m not perfect, but I try to be mindful of my actions so as to not hurt anyone. Exactly what do I do?
If I can, I go away and meditate, which doesn’t mean putting on yoga clothes, lighting candles and going into a lotus position. It can be as simple as going into the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, (lid down so as to not allow my already low energy to flow down the toilet), closing my eyes and reconnecting with myself, reminding myself that I don’t need to take on the emotions/stories/programs of others. I have my own, and just have to go back to my light.

If the situation isn’t too bad, I can usually press play to a song in my head. These days it’s a beautiful tune from the Argo soundtrack by French film composer, Alexandre Desplat, where a woman is simply humming. That or I literally picture myself hanging from a cloud, by white silky thread, wrapped in soft white cotton, eyes closed. I feel fully protected and secure there.

It’s amazing the difference we can make by preparing in advance for adversity, because adversity will come, and it can smack you in the face, or you can prep a soft landing, and get out unscathed.

Leaving the restaurant that day was like walking on clouds. Again I called my other half and told him what had happened. I was so full of love and wanted to carry on sharing…

You know, that specific morning, I’d woken up and said out loud, “universe, who are you sending my way today..?” I’d had such beautiful encounters in previous days, and I wanted them to continue.
The first encounter of the day, was equally as special to the later ones, running into a friend by chance, who I’d never really had a heart to heart with, but in the moments we chatted, we reconnected deeply.

Ask and you get, but ask with your whole heart.



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