My Autobiography

17 years ago, in the deepest hours of the night, I stole away from home. 

The details of that evening I will not share here, but the feeling surrounding what happened that night, had come again.

Long and hard have I worked, to shape the course of my path, alongside the people who mean the greatest to me.

In writing and publishing installments of my  aurobiogtaphy online, there was an opportunity for me to repeat a pattern from 17 years ago, which I was unwilling to, hence, I am no longer posting any of it online. Writing does, however, continue.

Within my story, for anyone questioning the need for otherwise private details, it is a book, an autobiography, one which wouldn’t be conceived and shared if there was not something to it. My character used to be very dark, and the point is to tell a story of how I was able to change and thrive.

My aim is not to expose ANYONE, rather to connect the human spirit, by showing that if I could make it through my experiences, so can you. My tale is no more important than your own, I just choose to share it. 

Lets spread love, that’s all.

Infinite thanks & much love and light to you,


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