More than just the Vltava River flowing…

I arrived in Prague just about a week ago, for a recital of my dear little sister, Miska, along side her lovely husband, Durinko-both of whom are incredibly incredibly talented and beautiful, beyond words.

Little did I know, I’d get “stuck,” in Prague due to the incessant rain, followed by floods, not only here but throughout central Europe.

Worry was but a flicker if even at all, with the announcement of having to potentially evacuate the apartment. Did someone say adventure…? 🙂 I was feeling pretty lucky for being here, and looking forward to telling a good story, all about our adventures during the 2013 Flood…

Alas, the river swelled and calmed and our part of town was not threatened, hence we didnt’ get to evacuate.

So I don’t have an exciting story to share with you about saving a drowing person from the river and adminstering CPR, or doing bootcamp in an evacuation centre, to keep peoples spirits up etc etc…

…but then there’s the title of this post; :More than just the Vltava River flowing….” It wasn’t the only thing flowing..Indeed, we’ve had a beautiful time, embracing what Mother Nature has put our way, and most importantly, one another, and through all of this, it can be said too, that my mind flowed like the Vltava.

In a few short days, nature taught me more about myself, than I learned in all of my 20’s. More lessons like this one are going into my book, which continues.

My final thought for this post: It’s amazing what can happen when one changes perspective/enviroment. For me, this time has been a blessing. Thank you Miska and Durinko :*


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