Viva Musica, The Legend of Sitno, and the man behind it all…

You know, I never would have known about this Slovak legend, had it not been for my dear friend, Matej, who is at the heart & soul of the Viva Musica Festival, which takes place every summer throughout Bratislava, since 2004.

Matej, a well versed clarinetist himself, dreamt up the festival and brought it to fruition with the simple desire to preserve and spread classical music in today’s ever so quick and changing modern times. To not only impress upon the young, but to tantalize the ears of the generations who grew up with classical music.

This years festival, commences with a grand start: “The Legend of Sitno,” which will be an incredicle theatrical performance with a full orchestra and a childrens choir of 800+ students.

“Two otherwise loving, twin  brothers, Tyra & Zamir, born to the mighty Prince of Sitno, fall in love with a beautiful woman named Vesna.

Until the point when they
 realize that it is Vesna, whom they both love, the brothers stand strong, side by each, as though they were truly cut from the same fabric…

Unfortunately, not only do the brothers fall out with one another over their feelings towards the beautiful woman, but they come to  despise each other. As fate would have it, their egos lead them to battle one another, accidently killing Vesna, each with his own weapon, simultaneously.

It’s been said that despite realizing the gravity of their actions, the brothers were cursed & condemned to reside in the mountain Sitno with their army of knights,  where they await to be awoken….to be called for, to defend their country..”

Back to classical music and my personal take on the whole project, I’ve had the utmost pleasure of experiencing first hand, the music come to life over the last year. Oskar’s been pouring his heart into this project, which is centered around 800 children, composing music they might not otherwise experience-and from what I hear, have they ever enjoyed the process!!

And, let us not forget Peter Kollar, who also played a pivotal role. He is the man responible for the lyrics of the songs the children sing along to, which sews the whole project together, from music to performance.

When these two gentlemen, Oskar and Peter, colloborate, it’s always the birth of something incredible. You only need to listen to “Ünder My Spell,” to know what I’m talking about.  And thanks to Matej, he takes their passions and spreads them into the world, to all of us :).  (A kind request for MORE PLEASE!!!!!) 😉 

The Legend of Sitno, was no simple feat. As of September, 2012, the kids had been learning a new song, in preparation for the upcoming concert, on 21 June. To see them en masse, will surely be an experience second to none-children singing, smiling, being part of something big….

Having been to an orchestral rehearsal the other day, I can tell you that after many months of hearing the music being composed in our very living room, to have seen it all live, with the musicians in front of me playing their instruments, rather than imagining it all, made my heart flutter- & that was only a rehearsal!!!

5 more days til show time, and I believe this concert has already and will continue to alter lives, for so many who have been involved, with the incredible energy, love and magic flying around.

What a truly genius idea by Matej…I wonder what he’s got up his sleeve for next year…?
Infinite thanks Matej, for your wonderful visions, past present and future! :))


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