Inspiration Through Children

Written 19 June

I’m incredibly inspired, not just today, but of late.
Still in this little wee village in Austria, and I feel like I’m on top of the world.
I had no idea what to expect with these kidsters, and like always, walked in the class  this morning with the same thought to myself: to allow them guide me in helping them speak as much English as possible.

We ebbed & flowed for 5 hours together, even during breaks (although I completely crashed for an hour after school!!!), and it was marvelous.
Their exposure to English has only been half an hour per week for the last couple of years, so it’s not so expansive, but I got them talking 🙂

I did this role, of (trying to), inspire children to communicate in English a couple of years ago, but due to timing and circumstances, I didn’t continue. You know though,  I don’t remember it being so rewarding back then…I suppose I’ve grown up some, or actually, better said, I think I’ve regressed ;). (I happily completed a 70-piece puzzle yesterday of fairy tale characters, which I found in my room).

It so important for me to connect with each of the kids, to shake their hands, or give high fives, to look them in the eyes, and feel their souls. I get a sense when they’re not happy, for whatever reason, and offer a little extra support. With this, I’ve seen children go from dark to light within the blink of an eye. Like the “bad kid,” who shows me his artwork, and has an expectation that I will blow him off…but when I turn around and say, “wow, that’s so creative, what an imagination, cool man-and give him a high five,” he’s shocked, but happy and walks away smiling from cheek to cheek, but not quite knowing why..

Over and over again, I hear that our children are the next generation…I don’t want to send these kids off into the world, thinking that they need to clean up our mess, and do a better job, to be smarter politicians, or business people….My simple desire/wish/hope for them is to love themselves, and to continue to enjoy “right now.” Imagine a world where as we “grow up,” we’re just bigger versions of children-all of us….?
They, each of them, are beautiful and innocent, not yet “affected.”   Lets support this for them…

Now: go on and do something you used to love to do as a child-ANYTHING!!! 🙂

Peace, love & light to you 🙂


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