Ramblings en route to Eisgarn, Austria..

(Written on the bus from Vienna to Eisgarn on  18 June)..

I’d agreed to this “job,” only weeks ago, when I was pleasantly stranded in Prague, during the flooding.

I hadn’t taught English in a while, (and still don’t-I like to think that I inspire children to want to communicate in English, through games and activities), and I recieved a message asking if I could cover for someone. Why not…?

Before I’d even done the first gig, again, another urgent request came through to cover for someone over 18-20 June-again, I thought, why not? 

..me being me, and I consciously left checking out the venue to the very last minute, trusting I’d find it eventually (after failed attempts on google initially).

My procrastinating led to me getting slightly stressed out, and when I finally sat down and focused on sorting out my route, I was as good as gold. This morning I was thinking; I’m going to travel by train then subway, then bus, for two days of teaching for a total of 10 hours-the same amount of time I’m spending on travelling to and fro.

Alas, I must say, in the moment that I stopped doing the math, and reminded myself that I love adventures, the light came back 🙂

For the stress I’d felt, things were really falling into place. In a town where good customer service still isn’t the norm, I smiled from cheek to cheek after calling a taxi to get me to the train station. Why…?
I’m not sure if she recognized my voice or if was the way that I asked for the taxi (in Slovak), but the woman on the other end answered in English, asking my name for the driver, and as always, I gave my Slovak name (Maruska). 
Whatever was going on in her world, whether it had anything to do with me at all, she passed on her cheer my way. At the end of the call, I thanked her and she wished me a lovely day, finishing with “pa pa” (kisses), something commonly said amongst friends.  Her spirit was beautiful,and touched mine…

I got to the station, hopped on the train, made my changes, to the final bus, where I was a little lost..no probs though, I’ll just ask someone. 
Sure enough,  I met a mother who was traveling to the town just after where I needed to go, with her son. Both were super cool and ever so helpful, sorting me out. Only a few minutes later, we jumped on the bus together. Christine spoke to the driver, asking him if he could drop me off right in front of my BnB ( :))))) ), and Garrie and I chatted much of the way-it was really lovely. 

That all being said, you know, I consider myself to be pretty self sufficient, and surely I could have got here without asking a single person for help, but then I would have missed out on human interaction.

A couple of hours later and here I am, and extremely grateful to my new friends, who granted, I may never see again, but grateful nonetheless.

The village, even smaller than the one I sometimes live in, inhabits around 600 people, so upon arriving I decided to take a walk, despite the dark clouds and rumbling of thunder. “If it rains in this 32c heat, it’ll be a pleasure!!”

Walking along with “the flower duet,” playing in my mind, I heard it before I felt or saw it- the rain…. Something i I can honestly say I’ve not expeiemced in a long time if ever at all. To be outdoors, to hear rain hitting the ground, but not see it or feel it right away….special, no…?

…..and that’s all this post was supposed to be about-singing in the rain 😉 

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