Shower Yourself With Love

A few months back, through a series of synchronistic events, I had the pleasure and honour of attending training with Marie Diamond, (most widely known for her role in the film “The Secret,”),  whom I am incredibly incredibly grateful for, for really instigating a shift in my life.  

I learned a number of things through Ms. Diamond, but what I really took away from her training was the meditation.

In and of itself, meditation wasn’t something new for me. It’s part of my parents religion (Sikhism), and they taught us how to meditate through prayer, for strength, wisdom, goodness, everything our hearts desired.  

I never really got it though…I would just go through the usual routine, (after washing up, and always before breakfast),  day in and day out:

  • Cover my head with shawl (as per the religion), 
  • Sit down in lotus position/simply cross legged (but never legs stretched out-a sign of disrepect)
  • Close my eyes
  • Press play in my mind
  • Pray without meaning, just for the sake of doing it 
  • Get up and on with my day, being a jerk. 

Having stopped doing it when I ran away from home, wanting to leave everything behind me, which had anyyhing to do with the religion or culture, I finally resumed the practice of meditation a few years later.  This time it was upon the initiation of and together with my ex-husband, (one of the most beautiful spirits I’ve ever connected to), and I actually found solace in it, solace, that is, until my mind got the best of me.

I was terribly troubled, battling my inner demons, and could easily chant mantras or poems, or whatever words were significant to me whilst my mind would run a number of different (negative), scenarios to me-completely defeating the purpose of meditation. I just couldn’t switch off, and it was incredibly frustrating. 

Not much later, I finally started teaching a class which combined Tai chi, Yoga & Pilates. At the end of the physical part of the class, I would lead everyone through a few minutes of meditation. It came very naturally, and now I see why-I’d actually had practiced for my whole life, but it finally made sense, as I pulled together everything I’d learned.  (This is a pretty big moment for me as I just put 2+2 together!!!!!!!).

It was through teaching that very class, and helping others calm their minds, that  I learned how to finally calm my own, and in the years that I followed,  I changed and finally started to flourish. (I believe this is a sign to pick up teaching again 😉 ). 

Back to Marie Diamond, – it had been a while since I meditated (in this way-eyes closed, visualizing different things), and since I learned her “way,” every morning when I awake, I do it. Marie had taught me something which was incredibly important, made a world of sense, and completely resonated with me. 

My perception of what she was talking about was as follows:

Normally when we wake up in the morning, we switch things on, the light, our phones, perhaps the TV or coffee machine…we just kind of wake up and go..
But how often do we switch “ourselves,” on, and what does that mean, exactly…..?

Marie taught us how to connect to our source energy, how to really tune in, and turn on ourSELVES.  When we did it during the training, I thought to myself, “of course!!! Of course we have to switch on. Why didn’t I think of this on my own…?! It’s so easy!!!”

Truth of the matter is, we are so inundated with stuff, all day, everyday. We go to bed and simply resume it all the next morning.  BUT what I wish for you to gather here is that we have the chance to start each morning without yesterday, to start completely fresh. 

This is what I took away from that training, back in March and I’ve followed through for myself, (missing only one day), not out of obligation, or sense of duty, but out of love, for me.

Many don’t understand meditation, but certainly, it can be learned, and it doesn’t have to be such that you are sitting still for some time alone. Well, I don’t think so anyhow.  It can be anything which tunes you into your self, your light…

If you can’t quite get your head around it, surely you might be able to get around the idea of “showering yourself with love, literally.

This is something I started doing in recent weeks, consistently. The thought came in working with clients and their bodies. If you wish to change something, you must first accept that what you wish to change.
If the communication with your body, for example is, I hate all this fat, I wish I was 10kg lighter etc., how will your body respond….? How does anyone or anything respond, when you project hate towards it…? Certainly not in the way you wish, right…?

So try this (regardless as to whether it’s a weight issue, or disease, or anything at all)…the next time you take a shower or bath, do it with great care. Communicate with your body as you cleanse it, what you wish for it. 

Smile, or sing, or whatever can add to this experience, EVERY SINGLE DAY. (And now, all of a sudden, the old excuse, “I don’t have time for myself,” disipates.   It’s an amazing thing and so very peaceful. You’re going to do it anyway,  everyday, so why not shower yourself with love…?

Further to meditation and showering myself with love, I’m trying the old aryuvedic tradition of “pulling oil.  It’s supposed to be healing for not just the mouth, but for different ailments within our bodies. I’m doing it in conjuction with showering myself with love.

Let’s see heat happens over the next few weeks, shall we..?

Be good to you…it’s all you have to do in life. 

PS: Marie Diamond, if ever you read this, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I know you sensed my strife, when we met.  Much love back to you. 


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