TEDx Bratislava 2013

While I enjoyed many of the speeches, the ones I’m focusing on in this post are the ones that really ‘moved’ me, which made me laugh, cry or scream. 🙂

First in line was Diana Fabianova, an incredible documentarist.  I think she may well be my new hero 😉

Diana gave an incredible talk about her first documentary called “The Moon Inside You,” which is about menstruation. I’ve not yet seen it, but it’s high on my list of things to watch.

With a great sense of humor, she detials how despite menstration being so much a part of ALL of our lives, it still remains taboo. It was quite an eye opener for me, and caused me to rewind in my mind my own experiences of how my period shaped me over the years (which gives me reason for a new post 😉 ).
I love people who challenge the status quo, and Diana certainly took the crown today 😉

Massimo Banzi is next on my list. Besides his beautiful Italian accent, the man’s a genius. “Sourcing Imagination,” is what he’s after, and he helps people invent things out of household items, using the “Arduino,” a mini, open source, microcontroller, which he co-invented.
He’s so far out of the proverbial box, but not only that, the domino effect that Arduino has had on so many people around the world- using their imaginations & inventing things- is nothing short of beautiful. Love it Massimo!!!

…And then there was Jakub Ptacin, the young man, who all the young women were talking about, in fact, EVERYONE was talking about. Jakub won a place in my heart, simply because he calls himself a “doer,”and that he certainly is.  His dream is
for more “doers,” especially in his beautiful country, to make it a better place. Another status quo challenger, he’s right up there next to Diana in my eyes, and although he joked about running for president, when he “grew up,” in say, 2034, I think he’d do a fine job! 🙂

Please watch Jon Ronson’s TED video about the obsession that’s developed over the years, to label people with mental illnesses.
Aparently there are 374 categorized mental disorders to date…
WHAT???? Come on, I think perhaps the mental health world has gone a bit haywire – and actually, that’s what Jon talks about. If his stats were saying that for every 100 people there was one psychopath, surely, in a room of 700 today, I was one ;))) Awesome, quirky, & compelling talk (not to mention the fab accent).

If you tied my hands behind my back, and forced me to choose a favorite speech for today, it would have been an emotional and moving video by Ronny Edry. Ronny created quite a stir by posting a picture of himself holding his daughter with the words “Iranians, we will never bomb your country,” on facebook, in response to a conversation he’d overheard in a grocery store.
The post turned into a beautiful show of love between Israeli’s and Iranians, with supporters from all over the world. (My own two cents: if we look in the right places, we see that the world is healing, not falling apart). ❤
Ronny et al, keep going!!!! 🙂

Jana Hoosova- An angel. Period.
Creator of the “Thank you, Neighbor,” project, Jana is shaping & changing the face of many communities, by offering book booths in neighborhoods, not only encouraging people to read more, but really connecting people through books. It’s a beautiful story and I can’t wait for her video to come up on youtube, but in the mean time, check out her facebook page, Dakujem sused! 🙂

Amanda Palmer, another “doer,” in my eyes.
What a heart, what a woman, what a spirit, what a musician.
She’s got it. The woman has nailed the secret to a beautiful life.  A totally candid, free spirit, FULL of passion, Amanda lives through her love of music and connecting (with) people. A truly beautiful spirit-love her…

Last but not least, the final speaker-Miska Rygrova. Having spoke to dear Miska, it seemed we had more than one thing in common. Firstly, the “slight” pressure of speaking last (OMG, do I ever remember my nerves last year, and the incredible headache after spending all day with my speech reeling through my head!!!!).

Back to Miska though, her talk about the “Burning Man Festival,” held every August in Nevada, sparked something in me. I’m convinced I need to go, ASAP, as the way she talked about it, seems like the perfect place for my imagination, a cross between Vegas, and Alice in Wonderland.  Something tells me that once you go, you’ll never be the same, due to sensory overload, but in the best of ways. I’m looking forward for this trip Miska dear 😉

The little surprise at the end:
We thought the whole thing was over, but after Miska’s touching tale, 13 year old beautiful Ursula Sillevoa, slowly made her way to centre stage.
This young talent already has her own blog, and by the end of the talks today, already had a post.
She was asked to share it with us all, and bless her, she came up, shaking like a leaf, and after many deep breaths, read her thoughts, following which, we rose to give her a standing ovation, her first of many, I believe. 🙂

Thanks to each and every speaker for today- a wonderful wonderful day!!!
I’m so pleased to have been a part of the audience of this years TEDx, and am ever so grateful for the invitation.

A massive round of applause and hats off must go to the amazing organizing committee, and all the volunteers of TEDx Bratislava. This “little village,” continues to grow, in more ways than just infrastructure, and for your part in nourishing the spirit of this beautiful town-THANK YOU!



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