Shower Yourself with Love II….Ladies ;)

Days ago, I recieved some news which, suffice it to say, would choke anybody’s spirit, not only mine. Alas, all I could do was breath in and out, accepting it wholly.

Acceptance didn’t come so easily, and initally keeping the information in my head, brought on a killer headache.

My sister suggested I speak to my head to help it with the pain. As soon as she’d said it, I thought, “of course!!!! I shower myself with love every morning, and connect with my whole body, why not talk to my head, which suffers right now?” I did exaclty that, before my evening meditation, and fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning, I awoke without the headache, but still, I felt uneasy. The psychological pain persisted past my morning meditation, and I could feel that I hadn’t released what I heard from my head, so the physcial pain was imminent and I didn’t want another headache.

How did I reconciliate the issue…?

To be honest, after meditation, I sat on the couch, and let my eyes close and started to drift away, whereby normally, I’d feel fresh and alive.
It wasn’t so much tiredness, as my body reacting to the news. Facing the day seemed arduous, but I had meetings later, (which I considered cancelling, but knew they’d do me some good). Still feeling “muddy,” off I went for my shower.

As per usual, I took a spoon of coconut oil to swish on, and stepped in.

It was then that I thought to myself
what else can I do to give myself love, (as it seemed to be my need at the time)?  What followed was purely by intuition:

Almost finished, I kneeled down and held the water at my root chakra, and I carried it up through my midline.  Ever so slowly, showering myself with love, I imagined this column of water connecting my chakras, and I imagined them all spinning.
I was smiling, and feeling better and better.

Once all the vortexes (chakras) were all spinning, and releasing light,  I held the water at my root chakra, until I was in ecstasy, which is exactly what it was and exactly what it is when you orgasm. It’s like being in a completely different dimension.

No word of a lie, I stepped out of the shower, anew, laughing out loud, not because what I’d experienced was funny, but I just couldn’t believe how easy it was….I got my SELF back.

I couldn’t really put into words what I’d experienced (surprisingly), until I’d watched a video last night. It’s by Massive Attack, one of my favorite bands, and whilst I’ve heard “Paradise Circus,”  a number of times, I’d never seen the actual video to it. It was Hope Sandoval (featured ex-porn star, & musican, in the video), who put into words my precise thoughts on the almighty “orgasm,” at 3:19. (Viewer discretion is advised..)

“An orgasm, is that point in time that can’t be measured
A mystical instant
It doesn’t really exist in this dimension”

Now, I can see why and how people turn to sex addicts, it’s a “free” drug afterall (relatively speaking), but too much of anything can still be harmful.

.. gentlemen, I say in the title “…Ladies,” not at all because I’m sexist, rather, I don’t have the same tools that you do.  Should you achieve what I did, please do share. 🙂

Much love to you all.


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