Teachings of an angel: How Ivana Mer brings us closer to ourselves with our own voices, and bodies.

I gotta tell you, my sense of time seems to be dissipating further and further, and I promise you, though I was slighly inebbriated, and not on Guiness, the only other drug involved was love.

Even beyond time, this weekend which in “real time,” was in fact, only yesterday, it “feels,” not only like long ago, but a whole different realm, altogether.

I spent the later half of Saturday, just over 48hours ago, with some angels, & (new) friends, all under the loving wings of the ever enchanted and incredibly talented Ivana Mer, at her “Intensive Voice Workshop,” which had little to do with singing and much to do with our spirits.

[I actually heard Ivana’s voice before I met her, during a radio interview, and was totally touched. My then partner, (who’d interviewed her), couldn’t say enough amazing things about her, and also that she and I had to meet, that we’d totally get along. Sure enough, when we eventually did, (after already synchronistic events), it was like we’d known each other all along, for lifetimes..)]. 

Carrying on, I still feel completely outside of myself, which can only be described as deeply connected and otherwise, a blessing.

A number of times, throughout our union during the workshop, after being guided through different exercises, I also felt like I was stoned, (which gives rise to my next blog post: “being high: natural and induced). To say the feeling was awesome would be a complete understatement. Oneness…love…freedom..peace… Better describe the stonedness feeling.

We did a number of things to connect our body and minds, not only for ourselves, but to/with one another, which is really important to release blocked energy to further deepen oneself. Came through via touch, flow and breathing-totally out of the box, yet extremely liberating methods. 

Surely I’ll be transferring some of the things we learned into my own practice of helping others overcome dysfunctional relationships with food, bodies, and much more.

One of the most rewarding experiences is to see others stepping out of their shells/comfort zones, and growing wings, and not only did I see this, but I felt it..I’ve come to understand lately, that there isn’t t one way to do so, and you’ve just got to try different things, until something frees you, and it all becomes easier and easier. Eventually there comes a point when you’re just so uninhibited, that nothing matters, as nothing is certain, worry wanes, the ego takes long hikes, and love transcends everything, but EVERYTHING.

Not even death could take this bliss away.

I’ll be there again at Iva’s next workshop, wherever it may be, as there’s more to be had. If you feel like you want a taste of freedom, connect with Ivana Mer on facebook,  and please tune your ear to her page on Soundcloud. I promise you’ll be in for a treat, especially if you’re a fan of Bjork-really.

To Iva, and everyone who attended, it was an absolute pleasure to share such beautiful energy with you all. Continuing onwards and upwards :).

Much love and light to you.  :* ❤


2 thoughts on “Teachings of an angel: How Ivana Mer brings us closer to ourselves with our own voices, and bodies.

  1. Thanks a million Eamo, and once again, I'm soooo pleased you decided to come. You've jumped leaps and bounds over the last couple years, and heaps over the two days-lets keep blooming!!! :))))


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