Turning 24, I mean 62, or 37…! Who cares?! :)

Birthday Shenanigans 

The day I chose to enter this lifetime was just yesterday,only many years ago,  and although according to my passport I’m considered as now being 37, I feel much younger. 

In fact sometimes not only do I feel like my 5 year old self, I look in the mirror, and see her-it’s a miraculous thing, as it happens more and more often. Maybe it’s a disease, and perhaps I’m dying, (oh but hang on, I am, with each moment that passes, I get  closer to the end-hence, even more reason to enjoy myself 🙂 ), some might say, but then that’s something else that’s interesting about this apparent regression, that I d.o.n’t.c.a.r.e.w.h.a.t.s.o.m.e.m.i.g.h.t.s.a.y. 😉 You wouldn’t either, if you felt so good. 
So, without further ado, allow me tell you about 37,  and what it did so far:
When I awoke, on 14.08.13, I didn’t immediately feel well, my “happy go-lucky-self,” and more to the point, I felt like crap. Moments before I awoke, I’d had a dream, which seemed all too real, and surfaced to my memory during my meditation, when quite often, much is revealed to me. 
Needless to say, I let go of the day before, dreams included, and started my day, which was still heavy, even post meditation….Not normal for me. 
Suffice it to say that before my 12pm meeting, I’d had a number of tears, which I let come and go. Not that I pushed them away, nor made them go away, but for all intents and purposes, the tears did come from my past, which is long dead, (much like the yesterday and my bad dream, let alone a year or 20 years ago). All of my family weighed heavily on my mind, and it came to me to write them a letter of love, for the day I chose to enter this world, choosing the same parents my siblings had, and in effect, one another. Again. (For some reason or another, unbeknownst to me yet, though I have numerous ideas….(I’ll save that for a different post)). 
Not as per usual, I didn’t check Facebook, my usual morning habit, as I felt compelled not to. Breakfast. I felt like it, so I had some, and it was gorgeous!!  
With butter on a pan, I chucked everything I fancied onto it…First, a couple pieces of bread, (pan fried bread is orgasmic, really. Reminds me of something from my past, though I couldn’t tell you what, besides the obvious)). Next, my string cheese went on, and ham, followed by an egg, which had a frozen yolk, so it took longer to cook. Though, not a worry at all. 
That I woke up in a “not-so-happy-go-lucky-fashion,” was long forgotten as I had my Super Breakfast, accompanied by, none other than Beethoven-thank you, dear sir. 🙂 
Memory fails me now, but I may have showered before, or perhaps even after, with the usual routine of oil-pulling, (which does me wonders, so I carry on with it, great for my skin, gums, hair, libido, mood….?), and showering myself with love. Lots and lots of joy.
Recount: somewhere between meditating, my Super Breakfast with Beethoven, & showering myself with love, I completely changed my vibration, (not to be mistaken with changing the setting on a vibrator, mine or not). 
Birthday messages were starting to roll in via Skype, whasapp, viber, and sms. Perhaps Facebook too, though I still didn’t have a feeling for it. 
Out the door at 11:30ish to make my way for a meeting in the centre. It was at this particular time, en route to the meeting, that I felt like I was high. From the previous hours’ happiness, now came a wave of Elatedness from all directions-from people, the wind, the sun, and OMG, the trees!!! It didn’t make sense til a little while later, so I won’t fess up just yet where it all came from. 
The meeting. With a lovely dear soul, whom I’d only just met days ago. But like others, we were attracted into one another’s lives, for the purpose of helping others through our cooperation. In the moments that we met, now for the second time (in this lifetime), when he asked me how I was, I’d said, man, ‘I’m feeling pretty high, much like I had over the Voice workshop I’d done with darling Iva Mer, (& friends), which took me two days to come down from.” He said he totally understood, as he had the same feeling before, when he’d done it. It was then I knew we were speaking the same language, more certainly than not. 
The meeting was rather intense as we flew around from this topic to that, but really, I felt him, not like I felt him up, mind you, but more like I felt him through his eyes, and his heart. At a point, I was in tears, though very very happy, and smiling, even laughing. It was pretty magical.
Upon leaving, Imagine that I was even more happy than before, and now as I walked down the street, heading back home, in a rush to write, I felt as high as a kite. 
I took a different route homeward, as often I do, and decided to walk through the lovely park behind the presidential palace. As I went through, I noticed Three grand statues of women, naked, being merry, and an idea popped into mind. Photos. I want photos with these Three, for my birthday. 
And so it began. In my peripheral, I’d also noticed a couple of people sitting on a bench, so I pivoted around, and indeed, that Was Not a part of my imagination: there they still were. Seems like Daska, & Nadina, lovely visitors to Bratislava, from Russia, were there to humor me, all along. 
Daska was the official photographer, and we laughed our asses off as she snapped away. Of course the session wouldn’t have been complete without then taking pictures of them with the naked Threesome, and finally, I pulled in another stranger to capture us Three, with them Three. 
Now then, if after breakfast I was high, and moreso after my scheduled meeting,  by this particular time, after the girls and our photoshoot,  I felt like my heart and head had shattered into a thousand tiny pieces, and I was everywhere and nowhere, all the same. 
But really, walking down the street, I actually felt like I was floating…This did happen to me as a kid, all the time. One day, I even got the inclination to walk on my knees, as I thought maybe that would better represent what I was feeling, but it didn’t quite do the feeling justice. I just had to close my eyes, and just “float,” along. 
I floated along to another park, where I’d thrown back a few Guinness’ with an angel not too long ago. I sat on a bench for a long time, watching the sky, then finally connected.in via Facebook. First, to post birthday shenanigans with strangers come friends, and to give thanks to well wishers. 
My phone rang & normally I would say “speak of the devil,” but how could I possibly (?!), when my angel did call? There she was, “My Darling Lenka,” who I’d been thinking of only moments before, who I’d shared a number of Guinesses with, calling me to wish me a happy birthday, and see what I was up to. “A whole lot of nothing, baby, lets meet!” 
So, off to the market, our scheduled meeting place. And hilarious it was, getting there. HILARIOUS. 
By this time, I kid you not, I was trying to hold myself together, from Really laughing my laugh ass off, out loud, for Really, no apparent reason. Others walked by and smiled, and some stopped to chat. I.T.W.A.S.F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S, and finally, Lenka and I met, and had such a laugh together. It was beautiful, she is beautiful. 
Homeward bound, with all my produce, and the high was wearing off, but only to regenerate when I got indoors. (By this point, it finally came to me that the initial wave of feeling high was from the love pouring in from family and friends, not just strangers, the sun, wind and trees. Of bloody course, -pardon my french-I was high on love, again!!!) 
Home. Shortly after, My Dearest Janka (another angel), arrived, earlier than usual.  I was already giggling as she walked in the door, which only turned into full-on outbreaks of laughter, sometimes with reason and sometimes without. I went to the bathroom, and not that peeing is funny, usually, (or sometimes, surely it can be), but there I was, have fits of laughter. Stone.Cold.Sober. For real. 
Zero plans.
For 37, I had no plans to see anyone or be anywhere. At all. No reason. Just. 
Well, if I am to be honest, I did have a moment of inspiration, involving jumping on a train, (contrary to jumping in front of a train, which I’d wanted to do a number of months ago-but that’s a different story, or lifetime, actually). I’d feel it out and see what happens…in any case, I had a Mission, one that You couldn’t pay me enough to refuse. 
A dear friend, far far away, whom was wishing to celebrate with me, sent me a list of things I needed to do. Of course, there wasn’t any thought involved, once the Mission came through: To humor him, and myself, took precedence over the plans I didn’t have. 
Over to bar number 1, solo. According to Mission: Celebrate, Celebrate, Celebrate, I was to:
Order a drink – Place it in front of me –  Sms my dear friend when ready – Wait for him to sms back – Drink & enjoy together ( despite millions of miles between us) – Send feedback – Tell the barman that my dear friend was paying – Walk out, and do it all over again at the next place. 
Now, it didn’t quite go down so smoothly, as the barman refused to believe that someone else would appear and cover my bill, on Sunday, hence I paid. Our connection failed at times (with my million of miles away friend, not the barman), though, I myself, was having quite a laugh (with Janka keeping tabs on me :)). All in all, flow was starting to dissipate, which I ignored. 
The inspiration of jumping on a train hadn’t escaped me, so with bar number two, I was inching closer to the train station. 
The Mission ended after that due to the fact that I’m a beer drinking rookie, aka extreme lightweight, aka cheap drunk. So I kept my wits about me, and armed with a wee bit of tipsy, I made my way to the station. 
My two I’s (or eyes), which are appropriately named “Inspiration & Intuition,” weren’t strong enough for me to finally jump on the train (was definitely out of flow by then). In fact, a different Entity had kicked in altogether, appropriately named, “Gollum (yes, just as ugly as lotr), aka My Ego,  aka Bastard, (and sometimes mofo,”), & though it took me  few minutes, I shook it off, like the coldest of showers. Ice Cold. 
No little adventure? No problem. It’s when I ignore the I’s, & follow Gollum, that I don’t feel one with myself, and I wasn’t willing to part with that oneness feeling. Not to fear though, lest you did, there’s always Something around the corner, in my world. ;D 
A couple of hours ago I was asleep, until I awoke with all these words whirling around me. Alas, sleep begs for my attention, so I’m off, and going to bed with a big fat smile, for the second time. 
The moral of this story:
Be present, it’s the best birthday gift ever.
And in the case of my little adventure, and what I’d originally wanted from it, you can’t always get what you want, and that’s the most ok thing. Ever. 
Not forgetting and most importantly, love. It is everywhere and everything, and quite possibly addictive. But what’s wrong with feeling good, naturally? 😉

To my partners in crime- Batman, Robin, Thelma & Louise- thanks for the giggles. 
Much much love :*

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