The Magic of Freedom

I feel free. Free as the wind.

Last night, in touch with one of my angels, (my love, I thank you), we laughed as puzzle pieces landed in their rightful places. The puzzle itself is far from complete, however we two, only have a few pieces left in our individual piles. 

Speaking through something which felt outside of us, once again (as with my other angels), it was as though we were in a different realm, whereby I could see her, and everything around us, but the feeling of what was coming through our mouths was stronger than what I could see.

 Lucid dreams and parallel realities were discussed, and the instance of spirits and guardian angels who surround us…..Like the comforting spirit which sometimes comes and sits on my bed close to me, or the cold air which hovers above me as I give thanks to The Day, and everything It gave me, before I sleep.  How we not only feel energy, but see it, much like sparklers at Christmas time…

And oh, the magic..The magic of those coming, and how they are reaching out and touching us already. Not to mention, those gone, and gone with a  very Royal F.U., exhibitng a peace sign on one hand, with a middle finger on the other, plus a wink & a smilethe cleverest one of all, even whilst still “here.” 

Outside of words altogther, and within this other realm, she could see my aura, with it’s light blue and pink hues, and I could feel the magnet of hers, whilst seeing flashes of blue streaks around us.

It was magnificent, and “this,” made even more sense. “It just does..” and we laughed even harder. 

In silence, we watched the rain sparkle ahead of us, as we stared out into the dark sky, & freedom embraced us both as our hearts touched.

In complete and utter humility, whilst I lost one precious Rose, I gained 3 more, but I thank my lucky stars for each.

Bless you all :*

-No word of a lie, this all comes from that natural high. Love & Freedom-

Peace & Love


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