Be True to You

“I promise.”

Originally posted in late 2013, I had to update, because I found the picture of my kid self, exactly as I’d remembered me, though about a year older, not three, rather four. 

Her face appeared
In a moment of silence
Surrounded by light
Whilst surrendering to the present

Hair pulled up
In curly pig tails
Her smile met mine
Her eyes so aware

Not too long after
Showered by love
Back she came
With a question from above..

Now, more than just a face
In her favorite dress
With a red skirt
And a white bodice,

A big red heart, right atop her own.

She took my hand
Asking me, “Mom,
Please don’t do that again
Do just what you feel
And feel just what you do.

But please don’t
Please don’t do
What your Intuition would fight.”

Hearts connected
Through our hands
Out came the tears
At ease once again

I Promise. 
This poem actually came to me whilst brushing my teeth, and I had to make a run for the dining room table, scribbling it from mind to paper, toothbrush hanging out of my mouth.

The little girl is my four year old (ish) “me,” and came to me first during my morning meditation, (just her/my face), and then again, during my shower, where she asked for me to follow my intuition.

In doing so, I caused grief to someone, which I’m truly sorry for, but in being true to myself and her, the grief will not be prolonged.

Life does hurt sometimes, but taking the easy way out hurts more in the long run…

As always, be true to you..


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