In My Temple, with my Gods

So, I made it back.
I finally returned to London Canada, where my parents reside, after 2 years, (though I’ve not had a Christmas with them for 8 years).

“I am in my temple with my Gods- I am home with my parents.”

The above quote came to me whilst meditating the first morning after I awoke. It felt a little weird to be back, though very good, and I prolonged in my old bed, in my old room, giving thanks for the warm welcome back.

From the moment I decided I would come here, I knew it was going to be different than any other time.
It is different. My parents have grown. Closer to one another, healthier, more affectionate. I observe my father and am wowed by him. That’ll be a whole separate post, because it’s just too amazing.
They’re too amazing, my folks.

Now then, I feel different.
I knew I was coming home to heal after a very tough 2013. I’d been in pieces for the past couple of months, and felt being here, was going to be very cathartic. It is.  Well, it’s a mixed bag of everything, to be honest.

Only just today, a week into my visit, with intense headaches, tears, love, joy…am I able to put into words the swirl of energy that I’m feeling. Once again, the puzzle pieces of my life are falling into place. Funnily enough, whilst writing, I’m listening to the Argo soundtrack, & what seems like the theme song for my last relationship, just started to play.. I can see the credits rolling in my head….
Manj Carthigaser as Maruska/Munjeet
The X, as the X
Zincica/Zinko (our cat) as The Healer
Carmen/Karma (our dog) as The Free Spirit

Along with the credits, roll a couple of tears. Happy tears, that is, for trusting that everything is the way it supposed to be.  That chapter is finished and my book continues.
It’s in this grand temple, with my Gods, that without  them even saying a word, just being in their presence, they glue back the pieces of me.  I’m coming together again, with the finest glue you’ll ever see, that which came from them, and has always been a part of me.

Thanks Dad & Mom and my Grandma too, for your love & support in the best way you know how to give it. I accept it all in whatever form it comes. One love.

(To my surrogate family in Slovakia- all my sisters, my angels, my father, much love to you too).

Breathing in “now,” breathing out the past. Loving, forgiving, accepting, being.


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