Creative Juices flow between Words and Food :)

I was up at the crack of dawn on Monday morning, getting ready to head to a clients when she called sick. Going back to bed wasn’t even an option, as my creative juices were already switched on. So, instead of going back to bed, I threw on my favorite tunes, & got busy. 🙂

The previous night, I’d soaked some Adzuki beans, which I’ve never used, and wasn’t quite sure what I do with them.
So I boiled them, with a little salt and pepper, and carried on by blitzing them.

In the mean time, I fancied making a soup, as it was cold and finally, it’s started to snow here.
I had a leek, savoy cabbage, and brocolli on hand so threw them in a pot with onions and garlic (full recipe below).
Once ready, I blitzed the veggies without broth, and the result was a fairly thick paste. Lightbulb moment.
Yep, I combined the bean mash with the veggie mash, plus some peas and voila- veggie patties.

Then yesterday morning, with some left over bean mash, I got creative again, not really knowing what the end result would be, (wanted some kind of mash for breakfast), but ended up with these spicy little bites.
Recipe below, & marvellous, is all I’ve got to say.
I’m pretty pleased with this direction of creativity after having finished the full script to my fairy tale, “Piyar & Soleil,” the other day. It’s sitting on my desk, breathing, whilst inspiration comes to me for the illustrations…Though, I am having second thoughts and considering an illustrator, as, along with cooking and already onto my next book, I’ve got a pair of pants in mind which I wish to design and put together…

Ok ok, on to the recipes! 🙂 And please, bear with me on quantities and method, as I was making it all up.

Veggie patties: Adzuki & Greens

Adzuki & Greens (in two parts)

Part 1

Adzuki beans (aproximately 1.5cups)
1 red onion
Part 2 
1 onion
1 leek
1/2 savoy cabbage (small)
1/2 brocolli
A good spoon of each, olive oil & butter

Thyme – fresh if you have, or dry (as much as you wish)
Salt & pepper (to your preference)

Mustard seeds

What to do:
You’ll need to prep the adzuki beans by soaking them in water overnight.
Rinse and boil the beans in salted water, and then blitz them with a raw onion. Leave aside.

Next, with butter & oil, sautee all the ingredients from Part 2, until soft and fragrant. Blitz.

Finally, heat up mustard seeds in a touch of olive or butter, and add peas.

 Into a large bowl, start dropping in a tablespoon at a time of each, parts 1 & 2, until you run out, (I had left over beans so made the Spicy Adzuki bites). Then add the peas, shape into patties, head back to your greased pan (I used olive oil), and cook for just a couple minutes on each side, til they’re brown. Finito. Just add a few drops of fresh lime before serving and enjoy!
NB: Though I didn’t make a sauce, I’d pair these treats with something sweet and spicy (working on it), but in the mean time, for me, yoghurt with a pinch of tumeric did the trick.


Spicy Adzuki bites w/ Carrot & Onion

Left over Adzuki mash
Carrots x2
Mustard seeds
Salt & Pepper -as you wish
Red chilli -as you wish
Boil together Carrots, onion & ginger, then blitz. Add adzuki mash, and leftover broth, (if needed).
Once again, heat mustard seeds in oil/butter/ghee (as you wish), roll into balls & serve 😉
On a side note, this all feels so very good, to be back in my flow 🙂

Love what you do and do what you love, and everything else falls into place.



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