An infomercial two days ago, and a music video today :)

What an awesome day:).

I had the humble privilege of playing a part in a music video today. Not just any video, but one which resonated with my being.
If you haven’t heard of her yet, give her a listen: Ms. Celeste-an absolute powerhouse; singer, songwriter, author, philanthropist, etc etc etc (not to mention beautiful inside & out, whilst being incredibly down to earth) – Buckingham, a rising starlet. 

The video? “I’m Not Sorry,” a video about women, not apologizing for being who and what we are. Sound familiar….? I think I sing that tune in many of my posts, from Facebook, to google+, to blogger, Instagram & twitter. 

But you want to know the coolest part? Meeting all of the women involved, most of whom I had at least a short chat with, and some longer, but it’s got to be said, that we all didn’t end up ther by fluke or because we’re lucky. In that studio today, there were lifetimes worth of stories, and it look forward to our paths crossing again, if indeed we’re meant to. 
Feeling pretty blessed, and greatly humbled. My work over the last two decades is paying off. 
Peace & love to all of you ❤


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