Shaping my world again, one step at a time.

“What exactly are you doing these days…?”

I keep getting asked this question, so I’m throwing it up here.


Well, besides the fact that I’m moving forward, one step at a time, there just isn’t a simple answer to that. If you fancy sticking around to know more, perhaps grab yourself a cup of tea :).

At the moment, I’m in a studio just outside of Vienna, awaiting my turn to do a voiceover, for an infomercial. 
Yep, número uno, I’m doing voice work, & why not :)? I totally love it!!  
It was a couple of years ago, upon meeting a friend (for the first time), that I ever thought it even possible, that my voice was “special.” After that one time, he said if could, he would bottle up my voice, just so he could hear it whenever he pleased. 🙂 
I took that as a compliment, and carried on, not paying attention to that conversation for a while.  
In a not so weird series of events, rather synchronistic, last year, my name made its way into the voicecasting world, where my voice has come in handy. I’ve done a couple of plays for radio, and just last week did a voiceover for a film about an opera house in central Slovakia, which tickled my interest, and was the catalyst in listening to hours of Verdi…
5minute call to the studio-back in a bit!!! 
Now, the voice working is coming in handy, as i finished writing my first fairy tale, and without a doubt, will do an audio version, perhaps even before the hard copy! 
Yes yes, I wasn’t kidding. It was in the works last year, over the summer, and for a few months, I was afraid I may not finish it as my creativity spilled into no man’s land, leaving me dry.

But, with the turn of the year, I finished my tale, not a moment sooner that I was to. Writing has been on the forefront of my mind, well, along with a flurry of food experiments!  

When creativity is in full swing, I either wake up and cook, or write. This isn’t every single day, and there is a fine balance for it to even exist-spending a portion of “time,” interacting with others, and being solo. 
In my dreams, I see “Piyar & Soliel,” coming to life through Hay House Publishing. The whole script sits atop my work desk, and speaks to me. I never know what the next step is, and follow my intuition. Often time, guidance comes to me during meditation. That’s how I roll :)) 
Other than the writing, voice work, cooking (just started “Cooking With Maruška,” last night, whereby a friend is invited over, who invites his/her friends), and I cook for & with them, whilst they ask questions, take notes, and sample the food as we go along, (through the process of cooking, as my wish is to teach via taste, to develop a sense for flavours, and different combinations, experimenting etc).
This year will see me return to teaching yoga, and meditation classes, which I’m incredibly excited for. Gone are the fast energy workouts from my old Bootcamp program, replaced by more conscious movements involving the spirit. 
What else…? Well, let’s leave it at that for now, but there’s more 🙂 
Remember: do what you love and love what you do, that’s when everything else falls into place. And be patient with yourself, please. 
Much love and light to you :*


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