Surprises Given and Recieved..

Having said farewell to my folks and my brother in Toronto a month ago, I passed through security, and headed to my assinged gate.
I reached into my bag to pull out my notebook for the usual round of writing in an airport, but, in doing so,  I was surprised to find a Christmas card.
Already high in emotions, I teared up thinking, my goodness, Nicky (my youngest sister), must have slipped it into my purse at some point before our long farewell, where we were locked in an embrace, crying our eyes out.

With the first chance I had, I sent her a whasapp message to say thanks for the surpise, that I’ll read it when i get home, in private. BUT, before I got home, I recieved a message from her, that “someone,” beat her to it. The card was not from her. My heart quite literally, skipped a beat. Sonny.

Allow me to digress for a moment, please.
It was 19 December, a Wednesday, and our father had come home to pick us girls up (my 3 sisters and I), to take us to the hospital to see our baby brother, who’d been born the evening before, 7:38pm. In the deep of winter, it was a beautiful sunny day, and that’s exactly how he got his nick name. Our little angel had arrived, at long last, and the four of us girls were on a natural high. (So much so that poor dad got a ticket because Nicky (who was 5 at the time), was too excited to be kept in a seatbelt).

He was our baby, (all of ours), and he was the centre of our universe. I even missed Wrestlmania 2, once putting Little Sunshine (sorry bro), to sleep. He was just under 4 months old, and he’d fallen asleep whilst I was holding him (who dare move a warm, cuddly sleeping baby off their chest (especially at 9 years old!), and I thought I’d just lay down for a few moments with him, and did so without waking him. There I slept, with him on my chest, the whole night through.

I was livid in the morning that no one woke me up- I mean L.I.V.I.D.  (I confess, I was the biggest wrestling fan in the world..yes yes, Hogan all the way 😐 )..But looking back, those were precious moments.

In any case, I was talking about a surprise, wasn’t I..? 😉

So, the card, wasn’t from Nicky, it was Sonny. I opened my surprise, read it and just stayed in peace and quiet for some time afterwards, tears rolling down my cheeks.

Why was I so surprised…? Not that my bro isn’t thoughtful and capable of something so touching, you just don’t expect this kind of thing from a guy. Chicks always do these kind of things, right? Like slipping a bag of (hershey’s) kisses into a backpack for our love, one for each day he’s away, or leaving a note in the pocket of his shirt that he’s prepped to wear the next day, or one in a book he’s reading etc etc etc…We just do this kind of stuff, or ok, I do…Did.

Not a poser, rather photogenic as heck!

The card touched me deeply because I remember the tiny baby in my arms, who’s turned into this, incredible, compassionate, caring (and not to mention, dashing!!), young man (with a old wise soul), who’s telling me “Never forget who you are, what you are & where you came from…continue to stay and be strong, I believe in you and the sky’s the limit…..”
See what I mean…?

…My bro. I love ya. It was a  tough ride to us, but you made it. Another lifetime, and so many more lessons learned….

The best part is that with all the healing (clink on link, for my previous post on healing with my parents), that was going on at home, another circle was complete. (Often now, I think in circles, that once a lesson has been learned, and a pattern broken, the circle is whole again).

In closing, I went home over Christmas (after not having had a Christmas there in 8 years), surprised my parents, grandma and sister (not having seen them in 2 years), and it was my brother who was in on it all, my partner in crime. He closed the “surprise circle,” with the card he left in my bag, (and a USB key, which I only decided to insert into my computer only yesterday, FULL of awesome stuff – from meditations, to awesome films, and fab audio books). Sonny, thank you, infinitely.

Feeling truely blessed… ❤


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