Our fab visit to the Alien Police Department

But seriously, what a day!! 

I awoke early this morning, not feeling so well, with a mixture of a headache, dizzyness & nausea (& unless it’s an immaculate conception, I assure you I’m not pregnant!!), all of which I still have, and as much as I want to drink my tea and hit the sack, I’m compelled to share my day with you. 

Despite the physical distractions (which I don’t view as negative, (rather prophetic), I walked into the glorious sun early, heading to my clients place for training, after which, it was a mad rush home, to get ready, eat breakfast and meet my friend Janka, for our “date,” over at the Alien Police Department, (though they do say alien rather than foreigners, and I’m not quite sure really, who the aliens are. Those of us who go there for reasons like changing the address on our ID card, or those who work there). 
For certain though, it does feel all alien like, as there isn’t much English spoken, service isn’t very good, and foreigners generally complain after having to wait a million years, or so. No so pleasant, to be honest. 

However, “magic” was already my word of the day, and I knew from the moment I awoke, this was going to be a good one.

From a dismal, grey, unfriendly place the station is, we had all the staff smiling, in the very least, though at times, we were laughing our asses off.  I knew it 🙂

It was the usual scenario when we arrived-lots of people, the ticket machine wasn’t working, nobody was talking, and there were many frowns, as nobody really knew what was going on. 
There’s a waiting room, we’re in it, and the people we need to see, are on the other side of a door, which gets slammed by a “lovely gentleman,” after he takes a person or two. 
We’re operating on a grace system of first come first serve, (as the ticket machine is out of order- though there’s no sign, or info as to what to do, and everyone at least wants a word with the guy, to know we’re in the right place or if we have the right stuff, etc. 
Normal, right…? Apparently not. Mr. Lovely Gentleman, was always in a hurry to get that door closed and back to “the other side,” where apparently not a whole lot was going on, but chatting amongst staff, & nail filing type of stuff. 

I observed people go in and out of “the other side,” not at all happy, & rather anxious..

I was alright with it all though, as Janka (bless her for even considering to come with me!!!), and I were chatting away, with each other, and even made friends with a few others. The atmosphere was starting to change, (and I got to hold our new friends 2month old bambino-yes I’m totally broody-& she totally won my heart), as more people were smiling, and finally, talking!

After a break (the 1/2 hour when the infamous slamming door was locked for lunch), lovely man came back, spewed something in Slovak and back he went, door shut again. Sorry, slammed.

The time was coming, and when I felt it, I handed my stuff to Janka, and told her I’d be back. 
Up to the door I went, did my usual knock  (00:27), and entered. Towards the end of the office was Lovely Gentleman #2, though he was actually lovely, not to mention, cute, and smilely. 

I went up to the window, and got all the info I needed, plus a form to fill out in advance. In the moments we chatted through, another staff member, let’s call her, “Ms Lovely,” told him to tell me to get out, in a not so friendly tone. I thanked him, and said surely I’d wait my turn, and walked out.

When finally it was my turn, we got “Ms Lovely,” go figure, and I whispered to Janka, whatever happens, be nice. 

She was surprising nice, and our job there was quick, except that I didn’t have photos, so Mr. Lovely2 had to take them. This is where the office started to crack. As he was setting up the camera, we were chatting, Lovely2 and I, though MsLovely wasn’t happy about that, trying to take the piss, by saying that she could see hearts hanging over his head. I was asking lots of questions about the staff, like “does your colleague (Mr. Lovely1),  always look so angry? And he laughed and said “no,” before telling him what I’d said. The guy who’d been slamming the door, speaking only Slovak (to foriegners), turned around, looked at me, and smiled.
Right!? His whole demeanor changed, and he changed in an instant, and was actually nice. More laughs before Ms lovely came round to our side (I could only hear her, as there was a pillar separating us, and I tell you, she was not happy, and someone went so far as to say she was “slighty,” jealous. What!?  She’s a beautiful woman, on the outside, which gets turned down a few knotches with her unfortunate attitude.

She mananged to not stick a pen in my eye, and even better, by the end, even she was smiling, and we walked out with even better moods than when we’d gone in(to the alien police station). 

It would have been easy to join in on the “complain fest,” but we adjusted ourselves to our surroundings, not expecting anything, being ourselves, and in effect, able to shine a little bit of light in that previously grey, drab, unfriendly place. 

I’m not lucky, I’m blessed, and so are you. It’s all in our heads, 😉 

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