Tuesday, Barbora & I.

Do you see it? Do yo see the angel in the picture?

Me neither, anymore, but she was there earlier, smiling at me, with her big rosey cheeks, and beautiful eyes, letting me know that everything is ok, and as it should be.

I went to bed drained of energy, and awoke feeling the same. I did actually get up early, opened one of my shutters to allow some light to come in, meditated.  

BUT, after the meditation, there was nothing more I wanted to do than to dive back into my subconscious, and it’s then and there that I saw the angel, within the coloured picture in my room. 🙂

It was 12pm, on this fine Tuesday, by the time I awoke, and I have no qualms about saying so. I was “working,” between my (awake) meditation and the moment I decided to physically get out of bed, and all kinds of magic happened. You see, I’d been working on my energy which evidently needed clearing.

Believe you me, I’d have been in a total funk, had I followed my usual routine this morning, and hence this wouldn’t find it’s way to you.

Rather, I’m back into my flow, feel amazing, & writing (as opposed to experimenting with food today- usually one or the other when I’m in my zone. 😉 ).

One of the bits of magic came in the form of a letter this morning, which I’m going to share, from one of my angels, & dearest friends: Barbora Stranska, who I’m incredibly grateful for, & who inspires me to no end, with her own words of wisdom.

Like we were reading off the same page this morning, this is part of what I recieved from dear Bo:

“…And I am ever so grateful to be able to watch you as you bring your wonderful creations to life. Your rozpravka, (fairytale), your recipes and everything your wonderful soul has and will have to offer. The people you said didn’t trust you or even teased you, they don’t understand the process of creation. 
Most think that the creative people have it all clear from the beginning on and that they know what they are doing. People think that an artist, because his art is perfect, has his life all the time figured out, linked and perfect. 
For me, it’s wonderful and inspiring to see you discover the true passions of your soul and make them real. As I said, it gives me hope to believe and keep going (and be considered nuts manytimes, maybe? Whatever! ) Thank You Thank You Thank You.”

But she didn’t finish there. Bo’s final sentence, went straight to my heart…:

“…Creation is a birth. It can be messy sometimes. But miraculous and beautiful.”

She’s amazing, no?  Jeeze, I’m lucky..

It’s knowing when to “switch off,” or go “full on,” that allows me to be my best. I only have to follow my intuition.
So, I stop when I need to.
I cancel on you when I am drained of energy and can’t give you any.
I go into solitude.
I start all over, like Bo said, being reborn again. Over and over…

Your life is YOUR gift, not anyone else’s. Choose who and what to share it with..

With much love, ❤


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