Myself 21 years ago, a few months before turning 17…

Oh my…no intro needed:

11 April, 1993

My words from 1993

I started to drive today. It’s fun.
I keep having major fits where I feel like killing or hurting someone.

I realized something these past few days. I’m not perfect or as perfect as I used to be when xyz was here (my puppy love). I’m hurting now, but I have to keep my hopes up in order to achieve anything, otherwise I’ll be defeated.

Why did it have to be me? I just don’t understand. I wish that somebody could help me. I don’t want to turn into a violent freak.

I just want to be normal. 34-23-32.

And, I desparately need someone to confide in!

Young sweetheart, if this sounds like you, know that there are so many people out there who can help you! I had such an ego at that age, and was full of pride, so continued to go inwards until I imploded…Life is easier when you share it, despite that very first step being really difficult. 

We’re here for you-at least I am. 

Much love..


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