Another "job," under my belt? Seems so: Catering

It was almost 3 weeks ago, when I dabbled in new stuff- catering. 
The first gig was canapés for 15 then 20, then 25 and finally ended up with around maybe 35 people.
I didn’t really think twice about it, except that I was going to do it and it would go well. Indeed, it did. I was on a complete high afterwards, which pretty much took  me into the next gig.
Well, I had about two days rest before I started to panick, I mean really really panick for the  next event- a 5 course seated dinner for 14, (with 2 soups, 2 salads, 3 starters, 2 mains and 2 desserts).
Thank God for Bo Stranska, who was way more than just my right hand, she was my total support for something I was freaking out about, though I don’t think I let that on.
After the fear, panic and even hope that the client might cancel, I got my head around the gig by Wednesday, (dinner was on Saturday). I’d never done this before, but something in me knew I could.
Preparations started on Wednesday evening, (for lentil based items), and together with Bo, we did a mega shopping trip on Thursday evening, RIGHT after my dear angel finished work, and then back  up to #18 for a run down of everything. And then, off she went, home to sleep only to get up to another day at the office before joining me again!  
Friday came, I trained my clients early in the morning, did a mentoring session at home (with my client helping me shell peanuts (she insisted! J), and carried on.
Bo came around after work, and helped out for a few hours, bless her, and eventually I sent her home, as I was going to need her to be fully coherent, the next day. I would already be in my zone, so tiredness wouldn’t be so much of a factor.

Happy with my our progress, I decided to take a nap for a couple hours. Literally, like 2. I was back up by 3:33am, and went full force til the time we left home for the gig, which was an hour and a half away, by car-time for some shut eye!!!!!

Parmesean & Romano Cheese Bowls
I won’t bore you with the details, but the gig didn’t go as planned, though it was awesome. 🙂 It was simply another lesson that I can do anything I that I imagine.
For me fear is ok. 
What I learned this time around was that when I voiced it, telling my brother, Sonny, “dude, I’m totally freaking out over this,” it helped. Of course, his support and encouragement was very welcome, and needed,  but there’s something about hearing yourself speak out loud, expressing your heart, which is therapeutic. You know what I mean, right?
Anyhow, after the event, this is what I wrote to Sonny:
“…I had to be very sharp on my toes, as I had to improvise a lot, so not much went according to plan, BUT that is the essence of life, right…? Go with the flow :)).”
Sonny’s response was awesome, along the lines of; you’re like Jamie Oliver, write a recipe book already, open up a cafe/restaurant based on healthy living…. (Oh yeah, everything I made was from scratch, with artificial “food items.”). Love my bro. 
Now then, would I do it again? 
Yes and No. Not in that way. I’m very much detail oriented, which takes time, and a bigger team. I think I’ll stick to canapés for now, or simple dinners, with 3 courses, and one item per course!  But maintaining beautiful, whole and delicious foods.
I am eternally grateful for Bo’s support, she was my pillar of strength, and still is, whilst my brother and parents were my backbone from afar. 🙂 
 As always-Love what you do and do what you love, and forget about “working.”
PS: Pictured above are Bowls of Parmesean and Romano cheese, with mustard seeds, Maldon salt and Crushed black pepper. Contents were a scallop, cooked simply in butter and garlice, then topped with shrimp, which I’d done in a white wine sauce, also with lots of butter, garlic and parsley to top it off. 
Alongside went a delicious sautee of finely cubed courgette, aubergine, red pepper, & quinoa with lots of rosemary & thyme, and crisped prosciutto. 
PPS: Unfortunately, I was too heavily concentrated on the food to take pictures, but next time I will delegate someone to do it!


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