Is your positive change effecting others in a negative way…?

Is your positive change effecting someone in a negative way…?
If you answer is yes, even reluctantly, PLEASE keep going, and please don’t doubt yourself.
Trust me, it certainly doesn’t feel nice when you believe in what you are doing, not just for your own sake but for the greater good, and people creep up from the background, very much like the ego you’ve managed to deal with, telling you you’re not good enough, you’re fake, dying for approval etc. 
What to do?
For one, don’t give any energy to the negativity.
Process the info, digest and release it, with love.
What does that mean?
When someone doesn’t approve of you, and hurls they’re negativity your way, it is only a reflection of themselves, it’s not you, it’s an illusion. Theirs, not yours.
When you can fully grasp that it’s not your problem, you have the ability to forgive and have compassion for the other person, no matter how bad the situation, and you become free-returning to your inner peace. 
My darling, you don’t need anyone’s approval but your own. If it feels right, if it’s in line with your spirit, keep flying.  

Though it’s taken me a lifetime of figuring this out, the answers now come flowing in, slowly but surely, so I trust. 

And you too please, just trust. In yourself, in the process of life.
Much love, light and peace to you.

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