Piercing words, but not for me-Thanks.

The words spilled in front of my eyes like water on a windshield in a flash storm, when the even the wipers fail you, and all you can do is slow down.

The message from above: Slow down.

The words infiltrated for a few moments, until I caught them and locked them away.
And after many days or so,
When Fear and Ego were no longer at play,
I visited them, the words,
which had intended to cause me dismay.

Being armoured in a soft pink
I allowed them to come to me. 

“…helping” others who are weaker than your greatest weakness….”

Little does the messenger know that s/he is exactly that.
My greatest weakness
Whom I am not separate from
Nor from anyone whom I help
Hence we are all one. 

Everyone I help,
Also helps me
Because we are all one
With the same wants and needs.

……….The last verse from the Prayer of St. Francis D’Asisi, which I’ve carried with me for almost two decades, because it resonates so highly with me: 
“Lord, grant that I may seek rather to 
Comfort than to be comforted
To understand than to be understood 
To love than to be loved.

For it is in giving that one recieves
It is in self-forgetting that one finds
It is in forgiving that one is forgiven
And it is in dying that one awakens to eternal life….

Thank you, dearest messenger. Even in our death, lessons are plentiful.



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