Please Come with Love.

Come to me
With whatever it is
That makes your heart bleed.
But please come with love
Taking off,
And leaving aside
That coat of misery.
Do tell me those things,
I’ll wipe away your tears
But tell me with love
And let’s take away the fears.
Let’s not talk in anger or hate
Rather, let’s release them.  
Not giving focus to what has been,
Because there isn’t any reason.
In the very moment
We are face to face,
Heart to heart,
What has been
Is already gone
And what will be
Depends on us.
Depends on our very words
On our very thoughts
On our energy
And Connection-
So let’s sing a tune together
Whereby when you leave me,
I am still free
And unburdened-
Unburdened to clean my energy,
Whilst yours has increased,
What you came for
Too, setting you free….
Come with love
If even a glimmer
Or hope of it,
And I’ll show you
It’s in there.
Come with love-Please.

Many Thanks
Love & Peace


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