Thanks Universe, I hear you Loud and Clear :)

So a couple weeks back, whilst in Tuscany with a few dear friends, I got totally excited when one morning, I got an sms from Airbnb.
You see, I listed #18, my sacred home & healing space a few months back, encouraged by my best friend (and owner of the flat), to help pay for rent, as I’d been struggling to make ends meet, having gone back to square one, being myself- an artist.

Finally, the system was working, people were responding, and I’ve had a few people come through now. Everytime liking the idea of hosting others, for a finite time, in my space, even more.

On that excited morning in Tus
cany, someone was inquiring about taking the room for up to two months, which was wonderful news to me.

So, at breakfast, I excitedly broke the news to my best friend, that rent will be totally covered and blah blah blah. Long story short, that was her opportunity to tell me some not so good news.

She was so tender with me knowing how much I was at peace in her apartment, that actually, she had to put it on the market. Yes, #18 was going up for sale, and for good reason. I couldn’t but be happy for her & her partner and their upcoming addition to their union.

She was apologizing, as this was about a year in advance, and I was nodding and understanding…”of course, darling, it’s totally ok..”

But in an instant something inside me was saying, “hang on, this is ok, but I’m not actually ok…” I excused myself from the table and made a b-line for my room, tears already rolling.

I opened the window, sat at the edge of the bed and cried. As I did, I looked out to the rolling hills of the Italian countryside and reminded myself that this was one single door that was closing.  “…but dear sweetheart, there are an infinte amount of doors that will open to you,” said a voice from inside. “Just remain open.”

My dear friend came in a moment later, we hugged and I wiped away my tears, with a smile telling her what just came to me.

Fast forward to today.
The real-estate agent had his first viewing today, a seemingly lovely couple, aaaaaand…
It’s sold.
Of course it is. It is truly a sacred place, and not for a second do I blame the couple for not taking longer to think it through.  What for? They got the essence of this space as soon as they walked in, like everybody else. Congrats to them, really.

And me? Well, I get to spread my wings again. It’s time, says the Universe. Time to take the lessons from #18, and teach others.

Feeling pretty blessed. ❤


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