Creation Trumps Sleep 1:0

I tried over an hour ago to go to sleep but in the time that’s passed, I’ve only just become increasingly excited. 

Forget it. I’m not meant to sleep just yet, I’m too inspired :). 
Over the last while, in the pitch black of my borrowed room, I resolved the construction of a dress I started designing five years ago. 
(My sewing machine sat in a warehouse in London until last fall, & it’s taken me til recently to finally start designing again, after practically a 10 year hiatus. The five year mark, was a short lived dabble back to design). 
Back to the dress- a fully boned, corseted top, in a pale green, to which I’m going to add a royal skirt in a soft pink taffeta fabric. I can already see the finished product in my minds eye, & finally, I will make my way to a ball! (For those of you who don’t know, there is an actual “Ball Season,” with grand Cinderella like gowns, and everything else you can imagine. I can’t believe I’ve not yet been, but now I have all the reason to go- my dress :). It might sound quite lame, but in the dead of winter, it’s the perfect opportunity to let my creativity go wild, and gives me something to look forward to. I’m already thinking that I don’t need to run away somewhere warm for the winter. Imagine that? All thanks to designing again.
What else…? In the moments following the resolution of the structure of my dress, I was going over how to cover the costs for the next Indian Grill Night, [(that I’m once again honored to be hosting, alongside dear friend, Katarina Hudakova, in the name of helping feed hungry children around the world (not to mention, by directly feeding our own guests with locally sourced, whole foods, made from scratch, (and with a whole lotta love, might I add :)) ].
Back to covering costs: crowd funding & specifically, via Indigogo, which I only just came across last week, whereby a friend asked for help in raising funds for a project  also related to children- the synchronicity of it, hey? 

As Katarina and I covered the whole affair last time (90% out of pockets), this time, I thought, why it share that…? The campaign will go live later today. 🙂 

And finally, I started my second fairy tale. It came totally out of the blue, but it came, nonetheless, and all I had to do was give in to the fact that Im not sleeping, don’t fight it, write it 🙂 

On that note, I think it’s now time to dive into my subconscious. 

Not rereading this middle of the night ramble either, so my apologies for the errors, but raw, it is!!! 

Good night, peace & love. 

PS- the best part of this all, is being an observer of my mind, in hindsight. When I couldn’t sleep, it went to creation. That my friends, is being in love. 
Follow your passions, please! 

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