Kiss from a stranger

I just got back from walking around my new neighborhood, and after much contemplation, have decided that to share this with you.

Almost home, I passed  an old man who looked like he might be living on the streets. I wished him a good evening as I was passing by, and he said something to me which I didn’t fully catch. I sat down beside him and repeated himself. 

He was asking for change, though I didn’t have my purse with me.  As best as I could manage in Slovak, I showed him my hands and told him I had nothing but my keys. More important for me than anything else from the moment I spotted him, was to acknowledge his existence.
Whilst I was wishing him well, he leaned over and kissed my cheek, after which he touched his heart and said something I didn’t fully comprehend, but his eyes said it all.

It’s simple things like this which have shown me the beauty and meaning of life.  Nothing mattered in those moments, except two hearts colliding. Love, in it’s purest form. Being in the presence of and existing “in love.”

Whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, you too, are already “in love.”  If you don’t already know that, I wish it for you, as this is what “heaven on earth” feels like.

Much love and light, always. 


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