The Artist’s Way

In the midst of writing just now, I went to my room to pick up a book that I’d wanted to reference.
Instead of picking it up, I picked up my old “Artist’s Way,” [(Morning Pages Journal, from almost 13 years ago (2001)], which seemed to be screaming for me to pick it up again. 
I opened the front cover and saw 16:34, May 06, and wasn’t sure if the writing was from May 2006 or this passing 06 May, 2014. I read on, “we’re just about in Sienna…” Aha, this is new, from this past year.  
I’d written down some stuff, which I’d not since read, and it was worth interrupting my current writing- so much so, that I’m compelled to share it with you:
“11:53am, 06 May, 2014 (written on first page, opposite cover page).
At this very moment, I’m sitting behind “Jane,” & “Katie” (who’s still in utero J ), with their dear “Rob,” who’s taken a break from driving.
We set off from Bratislava at 6am, and are already in Italy, en route to Tuscany.
As we go, I read the pages of my  old life. A life I so desperately wanted to end.
I was so sure, despite all the grief, destruction, and self loathing, that I would get to where I am right now.
Where am I?
Not in the past, not in the future.
Knowing and not knowing.
With hopes and dreams like shiny beautiful bubbles, which I create, which pop, which I recreate, which pop. The more I create them, and they pop, the more “poppings,” land in my reality, and become It.
As I read the pages of my life, my very own words, so deeply touch my Heart. And in return, It sends even more love to every single cell in my body.
“We made it,” my Heart says. “Thanks for trusting Me.”
To the angel sitting in front of me, my sister, my dear love, I’m forever and ever grateful. Thank you God, Universe.”
Thanks for reading, & keep creating new stories of your life too, not forgetting where you came from. ❤

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