Happy Un-Anniversary

Not everything is what it seems.

It’s not peculiar at all, how, over the past couple years, she’d entirely forgotten it, but this morning she awoke, and remembered.
-2010 20.10 20:10-
The day they were supposed to get married. She was new in his country, and though he wasn’t the reason why she’d moved there, when they met, there was no question, not even for a moment.
The first time he’d been at her place, for a last minute lunch she’d prepared for them, he’d mentioned getting married on 20 October of that year. The idea didn’t at all phase her, as her heart was convinced he was “the one.”
“We’re not teenagers anymore, have had tons of life experiences, he’s a few years older…Of course..”
But she did, however, question the date, and its significance. They’d not even known each other for long, and she was still in London, on their would-be anniversary. There was absolutely no connection.
He asked her to get a pen and paper, and write down the date in numerals.
“20.10 2010.”
So why…? Because with his awful memory, he’d never end up in the “dog-house,” for forgetting their anniversary.
Unbelievable. “Among everything else- He’s romantic too?! This is IT. He is IT..”
Life though, had other plans for her, for them.  Things happened and not that they didn’t or don’t have love for one another, they simply weren’t meant to be.
Alas, it arrived – that day- the day she wanted to skip over completely, as there wasn’t any wedding to be had.
She hadn’t noticed him glancing at his watch that night, whilst they sat in the cinema, but he must have often, because at 20:10, on 20.10 2010, he asked her to marry him.
Of course she said “yes,” though even then, she knew that the beginning of the end had already commenced.
Happy Un-anniversary, and happy it is, indeed.
In Slovak there would be an “i” in she, pronounced the same way
– ši.

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