Mere Passersby

He’d spotted her in a crowd that fateful evening, at a concert, just before the final set was to be performed.
She’d only half willingly gone in the first place, and there she stood, being talked to, by some man she’d just met. It was only 24 hours prior, in a drunken stuper, that she’d collapsed in a pile of tears, on her bedroom floor, finally writing away her ex-fiancé. For too long she awaited his return, but decided with all her heart that she would no longer torture herself–almost a year and a half after the fact, she had to move on.
She watched him all the while. He was straight ahead of her, perhaps five meters or so, and was he ever loud in his natter, but his gestures-even louder!
Arms everywhere, mouth going a million miles a minute, and when he spotted her, everything stopped. Everything. Even time seemed to stand still.
Having been watching him, she saw him freeze, the instant he took notice of her. No word of a lie, his eyes went wide, mouth drew open, and he pointed right at her, just like in the movies.
Drawn to him like a magnet, over she went. She extended her hand, to shake his. Gently, he took it, turned and kissed it, staring into her eyes all the while, and said,
“You are so beautiful, where have you been all my life..?”
She, herself, was incredibly surprised. His energy was stronger than any other man she’d met or known– quite possibly even the strongest of anyone she’d ever met.  With introductions and such over, he still had her hand in his & much as he wouldn’t let go, she hadn’t wanted him to..
They talked and talked, losing all track of time, until he was beckoned back to the stage- there was still a third set to be played, after all.
Tucked away, where he couldn’t see her, she watched him play, song after song.  She’d not known of him before, but that ended quickly as she walked home that night. There he was, posted after poster, and from one moment to the next, from nowhere, he was ‘now here.’
The very next day, he wrote to her—she smiled to herself…
He was winning her heart, quickly, and whether he knew it or not, filling her with so much love, so much energy.
He vowed that he was different, not like the rest. And when he told her that he loved her, she responded with, “that’s your problem.”
– Neither was she, like the rest, you see.
It was the beginning, unbeknownst to her, of the greatest, magical love, she’d ever experienced, to that point.
He promised her freedom-to show her freedom-a promise he didn’t break.
Living up to his word, indeed he showed it to her -freedom- and after she put the map in her heart, seeing the way, to one another they said, goodbye.
“…They were mere passersby, who were supposed to catch each other for a few heartbeats, in a period of their lives- examining each others notes, singing together often time.-

Love is what she have him, and  her own freedom is what he showed her.

Together they moved forward, along parallel tracks-

Each having completed their mission-never to connect again…”


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