My Mentors- Part 1 of 4: Louise Hay

In continuation of my personal healing project- these next 4 parts cover my learnings with my greatest mentors, starting with, none other than Louise Hay- the “Queen of Affirmations.”
Affirmations seemed rather benign to me, until not too long ago. The image I would get when hearing the word was a scene out of the 1999 blockbuster film, American Beauty. In my mind’s eye, I would see Annette Benning’s character driving along listening to a self- help tape, with post it’s along her dash board (or so I remember..? ).  
In a frenzied state, much like a robot, she was repeating the words fromt the tape as though they would,  by way of osmosis, permeate into her being and, and she would be “healed.” 
Not quite the way affirmations work.  
After watching “You Can Heal Your Life,” a whole new world opened up to me, or lest I say, “reopened.”  I couldn’t not delve further into the workings of the mind, and came to understand that affirmations do play an important role – not to fool oneself and sugar-coat reality with a lie but, simply said, to exchange a negative thought for a positive one.
Can you imagine how many thoughts you have in a day? A lot. Something like 
60 000+, and more often than not, the majority of those thoughts are negative/fear based. (Don’t take my word for it though, carry along a notepad with you for a few hours, and take a tally of your own positive and negative thoughts-try it even for 20minutes, and see what happens).
Now that this made more sense to me, I gave affirmations a go, With my “bible- Heal Your Body, ” always on hand, I was starting to see how my thoughts were subconscious thoughts were resulting in pains, big or small in my body, and that by saying a specific affirmation, (a grand list found at the back of the book, where body issues are related to metaphysical reason, for which an affirmation is provided), the pain would go away.  If I’d thought I was ever in tune with my body before, this brought me to a whole different level.
Now then, a story, if you will. Here’s a couple of my personal experiences with affirmations.
Some months back, early one morning, whilst walking to a conference I was volunteering at (whereby I’d be spending most of the time on my feet, in a pair of heels), I experienced excruciating pain in my right knee. No longer afraid to “look weird,” I stopped on the spot, raised my leg up, put both hands on my knee and spoke to it, literally. According to Louise, an issue with the knee “represents pride and ego,” to which the affirmation is “I am flexible and flowing.” Before I started with the affirmation, I asked myself where in my life I was being arrogant, when and to whom. I said a list of names  aloud, and the pain went away.
“This is insane I thought,” even I couldn’t believe the pain disappeared, but it was back a few minutes later. As I’d not really delved into who I was arrogant towards or why the first time around, I went through the list again, and when I landed on one persons name, the pain, yet again, disappeared.  Staying in the moment, I then contemplated my behaviour to this person, and immediately sent a message that when I returned home after the conference I would make a phone call. And most importangly, I aplologized, and asked for forgiveness, with all my heart. 
The pain didn’t return. 

In another area of my life, the problem was excessive fat on my body. 
With the conclusion of a relationship- which ended like a smudge of paint on an invisible canvas – followed by a fling here and there, my body bloated again. The message it was giving me (or rather, screaming at me), was, “you don’t love me enough, I need protection.” In essence, a blanket of fat. 

I still hadn’t fully grasped that the love I needed was already inside me, not outside. 

One of the reasons I consciously chose not to take traditional approach to losing the fat  via diet & exercise, (going ‘paleo, sugar free, or gluten free, dairy free, -or all of the mentioned, & then further beating up this body with intense training, all over again– things I knew to well, in what seems like a past life),  was because I wasn’t looking for a band-aid solution again. Even right now, I could drop 2 sizes in the matter of a month, but if I don’t ask the question, “why did I gain this weight in the first place?”, then it’s destined to return. 

To this day I don’t know how much “protection,” I acquired, as I stopped weighing myself  completely, and pay no heed to sizes, but it’s coming off, and I’m eating everything I wish to, guilt free, and moving my body in ways that it’s happy with. If it takes a little longer to shed the excess fat, so be it-but even that, is up to my imagination.

According to Louise, Fat or Weight issues represent:

Oversensitivity. Often represents fear and shows a need for protection. Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and a resistance to forgive. Running away from feelings. Insecurity, self-rejection and seeking fulfillment. – Arms: Anger at being denied love. – Belly: Anger at being denied nourishment. – Hips: Lumps of stubborn anger at the parents. Thighs: Packed childhood anger. Often rage at the father.

Over time, (though I still use it), I referred to ‘my bible,’ less and less, getting to know my mind better, and realizing that my imagination was one of my greatest tools. 
When something pops up, like pain in my hip, for example, I run through a series of questions with myself. What is the function of my hip? What does it do in my life? It’s on the left side, which represents femininity…What’s going on? Where am I afraid of moving forward in my life, and how does it relate to the feminine aspect of myself? 
These questions coupled with affirmations were working wonders for me- so much so that eventually, I would even make up my own affirmation:

Dear Universe, Spirit guides, and (Guardian) Angels,I trust in this process of life that we created together, before I came back down to earth, to my parents, brother and sisters. I love, forgive and accept in myself, knowing that all my needs are taken care of, that I am safe, that all is well.

This covered a range of ailments, and I found myself going on automatic pilot, when out and about, repeating the above, over and over again (which offered me great solace (and I still use everyday).
Life, was becoming more colourful, and soonafter, like on a timer or something, Dr. Wayne Dyer came knocking, and added to the already beautiful picture, further blowing me away. 
I am grateful for the beautiful spirit that Louise Hay is, to have overcome such adversity in her own life, then turn around and help masses of people. Thank You.
Thanks for reading, and do check out the links I’ve posted, should any of the above resonate with you.
My mentors part 2 of 4- Dr. Wayne Dyer, to come shortly.
Peace & Love.


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