"Panda Time," Healing via EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

EFT Workers- Mama Panda with Ling Ling (left), & Justin.

“Panda Time,” is a Slovak NGO, and brainchild of George (Yurai) Sipkovsky.

Suffice it to say, through a series of synchronistic events, Juraj and I met due to the fact that we both practise EFT. Rather quickly, it became evident that our long standing parallel paths were meant to cross for a specific purpose: to not only help each other heal, but to help others heal themselves. Hence I walked into “Panda Time,” which now, we operate together. 

Here’s the story of how Panda came to be: 

A native of China, Panda was a famous super model, (in the “plush” world), at the very top of her game, before she decided to give it all up.

Considering she witnessed the death of her parents, in a malicious attack by hunters at the tender age of three, and having been brought up in an orphanage, Panda was incredibly fortunate to have lived a life others only dream of.

For years Panda travelled the world, having her beauty captured over and over again, and though she shone on the outside, something was missing deep inside of her.

She said goodbye to the world of fashion, her life as a model, and gave away much of her belongings. With only her backpack, and the whole wide world in her hands, she set out to find Her truth, her life’s purpose.

After some time, Panda observed that a clear pattern had surfaced. Wherever she travelled, she was naturally drawn to children, and specifically those those without parents, living in orphanages, like she had. 
All the while, within her travels and deep quest, Panda acquired a beautiful gift- she came across  EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique), and learned how to heal herself. Her void shrank and dissipated entirely by she time she reached Slovakia. It was Therethat Panda’s path crossed with Justin, & Ling Ling, a couple of troubled youngsters- Justin had been heavily involved in drugs and alcohol for the better part of seven years, & Ling Ling, had been raped, and sexually abused by those close to her, and also suffered from years of addiction-.

At the core of it all, Panda saw not only a void within the pair- a lack of (self) love, but also a spark, and couldn’t but adopt them both.
She worked on Justin and Ling Ling, healing their emotional traumas, via EFT, which they in turn, learned and continued to practice on one another, before spreading their love and knowledge to all those who crossed their paths, (and were willing and ready to actively heal- to take onus for their lives).
They too, Justin and Ling Ling, had found their life’s purpose, just like their mother- to help others help themselves, by showing them their innate power, and how to use their tools.

The family, Panda, and her chosen ones, continue, to this very moment, to do “Seva,” to be of service to others– from children in orphanages, to terminally ill patients, to homeless folk- to any and everyone who is ready for change.

This is the first part of our story, with updates to come. Again, many thanks for your eyes and heart, for reading this message. 

Peace and love. 


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