How Admitting Fear of Having Children, Led to Releasing Early Childhood Sexual Trauma (Via EFT & Silva Method)

Upon returning from what ended up being a mega healing retreat, out of town – whereby we catapulted our growth of the lives we are creating and shaping every day- I exclaimed to George (Kráľ Juraj Šipkovský), that something didn’t feel right. 
Over the weekend, I had finally said aloud my fear of having children, first to him, then to the others we were sharing healing methods with.  It wasn’t even something I was conscious of until Saturday morning, and from then on, once I voiced it, answers started to come.
The unweaving process commenced with first my acceptance of the fear, followed by  Lucia Ladiva Blašková,  (incredible spirit, who also works in service of helping others heal), doing EFT with me, starting with the fear. Having experienced emotional and physical relief through working with both Juraj and myself, she was keen to practice this new (people’s) method. 
With so much grace and tenderness, (thank YOU again!), in working with Lucia, I gained insight as to where my fear was coming from- deep in the abyss of my childhood – no surprise. I felt a sense of resolve and unbeknownst to me at the time, it was the beginning of unweaving another sexual trauma, which occurred when I was around 5 or 6 years old. 
The event had already surfaced in my mind shortly after I’d been raped, around a year and a half ago, and though I thought I dealt with it, there still remained some residue. 
On the train ride back home, I told George of sharp pains I was experiencing, equivalent to what I’d have felt before menstruation, in the past. (These days, I experience PMS when I’m not true to myself).
It was strange for me because I got my period days before, but the sharp pain came after- and in particular, after the subject of fearing having children had been breached. 
George decided to use The Silva Method to help me this time, and I was blown away with what happened. 
In his mind’s eye, he was able to pinpoint where the issue was, and with whom it had to do with. In a flash, I started to cough, almost uncontrollably, as though there was wind blowing directly on my chest, much like when I was a child- I’d always had bronchial issues until my tonsils were removed—as if that was to be the answer- little did I know I would spend 30+ years working on getting my already lacking self-expression back–. 
Whilst he was working opposite me, I told him of the incident that happened years ago, (the very thing I’d had a feeling to tell him the day before but couldn’t), to which he didn’t bat an eyelid- it was what he was seeing in his mind’s eye. He told me a range of things, which I scribbled down in near disbelief (his description was so clear of things he had no way of knowing). So as to not strain him, I tapped (did EFT), on myself, to at least help with the coughing.
By the time he came to, my coughing had already subsided, and I felt a shift within me, (and continue to a week after the fact). 
I cannot say enough- infinite thanks George, and Lucia too, for helping me release this. This story is a week old, though as I edit it, it feels like we released this from me years ago. 

And on a side note, in regards to my Rape story that George helped me clear, what we’ve noticed is that I have gained my femininity back, no longer hide behind my “tomboy,’ and am more expressive than ever. Thank you George <3.  

Feeling so wonderful, so very very wonderful.
This healing process, works in beautiful ways and isn’t confined to the moments in which one is being worked upon. Every day I gain freedom from something, every single day, getting lighter, becoming my true beautiful self, minus the layers and layers of hurt and pain.
Much love and light. 


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