21 Day Cleanse

This morning, after a meditative round of tapping (eft), I ate an apple and it was so wonderful. I laughed and cried, and gave thanks to the powers that be, for this beautiful life.
Why? Because for 21 days, I ate not a thing. 
At long last, I did it. I cleansed my body, with water (mostly), and fed it with love. 
For a long time, I’d contemplating doing a 10 day meditation in an ashram somewhere & Yurai and I even discussed doing a prolonged dark room retreat.  Regularly, we spoke about doing a cleanse each week, just a day of water, but never really got around to it. 
Well, needless to say, these 21 days have been all- encompassing, and dare I say it, magical. Instead of going somewhere to cleanse mySelf, I went into the ashram of my mind. 
It was spurred by having started learning the spiritual aspect of my menstrual cycle and having contemplated it for too long, I decided that with my period, I would further cleanse by drinking only liquids. (Specifics in another blogpost). 
I hadn’t planned that I would do 21 days of no food, I sought guidance from my body, and did as I felt. A week turned into 14 days which turned into 21. 
One of the most amazing things that I experienced was an even further joy for food, suffice it to say, think I actually fell in love with food, in a whole new way. It was my constant- the one thing I turned to for immense joy and unleashing of creativity. 
I hadn’t intended on cooking at all, but it all started with a dinner for the in-laws, where Yurai was my sous- chef, and tastebuds, helping out with getting the tastes as I imagined.  Over the three weeks, though I’d ask him to test the food, the taste was mostly spot on.  I was using my intuition to cook, but mostly as I was doing it with all my heart and so much love, I was recieving energy from it. 
In equal measure to food, I further learned to trust in the process of life, and just let it all be. 
Sure there were times where I was hungry and tired, but not enough to forgo the beauty I was experiencing – the extra energy, & creativity, less need for sleep. 
I learned to really tune into my body, sleep when she needed it, and play when she was ready for it. 
Though I went out a handful of times, it didn’t do me any good, and I learned that the best thing was to stay home, and just be. 
I’ll write another post about the specifics of it all, but for now I’d love to say that it was so well worth it and a practice I intend to keep up. 
This post could not be without giving my immense gratitude to Yurai, for his support, patience, & love. Infinite thanks, my love. 
Peace & love ❤️🌞🙏


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