Yurai, Munjeet, and Emotional Freedom

Both had lives of excess- each battling their own addictions, from food and fitness, to drugs and alcohol, and though they still wouldn’t cross paths for a couple of years, around the same time they started questioning their existence, further searching for their own truth and light.

Later, they would come to know how each of them gave up much of their possessions and often time, their last bit of money to those they felt were in greater need. They were completely broke at the same time – a great lesson for them each, as it taught them that in being “broke,” they were actually rich with love and life, and henceforth, change started to occur, and the true magic had begun.

As if the parallels weren’t already enough, he – a self made, award winning Photographer – hung up his camera, and she – also self made “Bootcamp Fitness” provider – hung up her trainers. Though they both excelled at their chosen professions, in hindsight, they would see how those very professions, blanketed their addictions. 

With photography, he fell in love with cocaine and alcohol, she perpetuated the long-term ill-relationship with food and fitness.

From the very first phone conversation, there was “something,” very strong, and finally, upon meeting, they knew there was nothing ordinary nor coincidental about their worlds coming together. 

Thanks to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), they’re together, creating, imagining and shaping one day at a time, sharing and bringing to life old dreams, and conjuring up new ones. All the while, their long held premise remains the same:
Yurai & I talk about how EFT cleared my rape

To do “seva,” to be of service to others – helping them heal themselves.

The difference being that now, they have one another for support- the greatest support ever. 

Today, both Yurai and Munjeet, carry on bettering themselves and each other,  as well as those who are ready to take the leap of faith, to the innermost part of themselves, allowing for all kinds of emotional freedom.  In them meantime, having tons of fun, enjoying this beautiful life. 

Thanks for reading and being part of our story. 
Peace & love. 


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