Yurai, Munjeet, and EFT: Getting A Little More Personal – 1 of 2

If you’ve known me long enough, you’re well aware (and likely questioned), the many different roles I’ve played in my life, whilst moving around a fair bit. 

From fashion designer and fitness instructor in Canada, 
to flying off to the UK, on a combination of whim and intuition, – and yes, fleeing divorce (from a man I married thrice), — 
to do personal training, before becoming the queen of being lost, 
to “finding myself” in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, 
to then resurfacing as an event manager in London (UK), 
only to skip countries yet again, this time for love – not for the love of a man, but his country – Slovakia, where I played Bootcamp Queen for a while before then naturally, and a Nutritional Consultant. 

And, that’s not all..

The last couple of years, (further to my personal healing since 2013), has seen me:

  • write a fairy tale, 
  • recommence designing (as a hobby),  as well as 
  • delve even further in the art of food, 
  • cook for charity, 
  • inspiring kids and adults alike, to improve their english…

Not to mention; photoshoots, private and commercial voice work…
the odd commercial, radio-plays, a short film, and even a music video.  

All this, and finally, the present moment.

My name is Munjeet (“Winner of Hearts,” in Punjabi), and at long last, I fully and completely accept my dharma – to help others heal, which I do via EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), via writing, via (public) speaking. In essence by sharing the stories of this existence.

For some, it’s ok to spend a lifetime in one job, or in one place.  For me, once upon a time, I had a job for a mere 15 minutes, before I excused myself, (after spending much of that time contemplating how to get out of it, politely). Even a remote town in France, Fontaine le Porte, was once a placed I called home, albeit, for a blink of an eye.

The point?  Without ever quite realizing it, I’d been searching for my own truth, my path of least of resistance, the path on which the sun shines every single day. 
The path which no one dictated to, or for me.

Having come across EFT, changed my life infinitely.  With it came a beautiful man, inside and out – Yurai Sipkovsky – who does the same thing I do. In coming together, we realised and finally accepted that we’ve been doing it for a long time- Doing “seva,” or, “being of service to others,” naturally. 

It seems like for us to meet, was a matter of time,  experiences & of course – synchronicity.
We’d been coming closer and closer to the breaking point of fully and completely loving and accepting ourselves, on the fringes of the state of love, and that’s exactly where and when we were able to finally see one another, from the fog of fear.  Precisely where we exist here and now, never having “fallen into love,” but rather, having made the leap and existing in “the state of love,” before meeting.
This is precisely what Emotional Freedom means- it means love, self-love, first. 
When in a state of imbalance, (be it physical or emotional), rather than going for the usual band-aid solution – cigarettes, alcohol, food, sex, just to name a few – we deliberately make a decision to stop everything that we’re doing, (or are supposed to do), and tune into our source/spirit. Sometimes we’re solo, and sometimes we do it together, though in essence, we’re choosing to become the centre of our own universe again, rather than allow outside forces distract us. 

True, unconditional love. 

From there, back in the “state of love,” in absolute stillness, upon tapping and whilst focusing on the issue at hand, we allow our energy to flow again, freely, offering relief.

But look, EFT isn’t just about healing, per se. It’s very much about your imagination, about being able to not only create, but shape your reality.

Yurai and I are infinitely blessed to have both had the gift of EFT, in our repertoire before meeting, to shape not only ourselves but our relationship too. We really are like poster kids for “you need to be what you want to attract.” This all has made it very easy to be writing a best-seller about Emotional Freedom. We’re living it day in and day out, & wish for everyone to have the same feeling of joy. Simple.

Back to my part of our story-
One of the first things Yurai said to me when we finally met was, “my God, thank you. Thank You for showing me how beautiful I’ve become.” 
And myself? Despite my usual “gift of gab,” I was absolutely speechless, and couldn’t take my eyes, which were welling up with tears, off Yurai. There was this sense of unexplicable,  peaceful, joy.
Our meeting was by no means a coincidence, rather, a series of synchronicities.
My first intro to EFT was through a friend who practiced homeopathy. The person who connected Yurai and I is currently studying homeopathy. 
The triangle that was to connect us, had seen us scattered for some time, yet within a few weeks time, she and Yurai bumped into one another for long enough to share what they were up to, and she then relayed that news to me in a very impromptu meeting.
I jumped at the opportunity to meet someone else in Slovakia who was doing EFT, an English speaker, at that, with whom I would be able to share and cross info- finally.
Our first phone conversation suggested to me that something else was at play- surely it was. The universe had indeed responded.
The condensed version of our story, is that through (Faster) EFT, Yurai helped me get over having been raped in the recent past by someone I knew all too well, in a very familiar place, with others in the vicinity. Due to the former two factors, plus being told that I had created the situation, I actually believed it.
My behaviour toward my treasured body changed considerably after the rape, something I could only see in hindsight. 
I stopped caring. I switched off and lost feeling. My belly was constantly bloated, and not from ill food, rather, an ill mind- having subconsciously repressed one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced – being awoken in the middle of the night, having said “no,” from the get go, but without the power to avoid the situation, only finally to wrestle him off, and have him pin me down by the wrists, calling me a “bitch,” telling me that “you created all of this….” I simply agreed.. I believed him and convinced myself that I was ok, in fact I believed I was above it. 

After that, I got inot an ugly habit of being on “autopilot,” with men. I was never raped again, but there was little or no pleasure for  me, just lending my body.
It didn’t take long before I realized I couldn’t continue with the self-destructive behaviour, but I wouldn’t know just how detrimental it was for my health until the next man arrived, almost a year later- yes, my dear Yurai. 

As always, infinite thanks for tuning in, and being part of my (& now, our), story ❤ 
Part 2 coming shortly. 
Peace & love.

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