Yurai, Munjeet and EFT: Getting A Little More Personal – 2 of 2

…Though I felt something incredibly special about him, something didn’t fee quite right in me, sexually. I wasn’t myself at all. 

Our first sexual experience was awful and beautiful in equal measure. Awful because I went back into autopilot – my subconscious was playing the post-rape program again- despite feeling safe with Yurai. The beauty came as somewhat of a saving grace- hitting a huge block in the heat of the moment. 

I completely froze, and had to excuse myself. Upon doing a few rounds of tapping in the bathroom and returning to the living room, I was relieved that Yurai hadn’t run off.
Ever so embarrassed, and apologising profusely, he said something along the lines of, 
“What for…?” You don’t need to apologise for anything.” 

Indeed, he’d contemplated leaving, but knew there was no coincidence as to why we were there together.

He asked my permission to do Faster EFT (I’d only known about Classical EFT up til then), and we started. 
Having tapped on myself for days prior to our meeting, I suppose gave me the courage in the first place to finally deal with being raped, and I was lucky that Yurai was on board to help. He was the very first person to hear me say aloud, without a shadow of a doubt, that I’d been raped. 

Over the course of that evening, with everything from tears and laughter amidst rounds of tapping, followed by rounds of “testing,” we were both witness to EFT’s immediate effects.  If ever, either of us had even a glimmer of doubt about it , it was gone.  (Again), I was living proof of EFT’s premise, blossoming visibly more and more. 

That was my issue, and a couple of weeks later, it was Yurai’s turn, but before we go there, some background on him and an equally colourful (and at times, colourless), story.

First of all, a common question, about Yurai’s name. Why Kral Yurai?
For the non-Slovak speakers,”Yurai,” is the phonetic way of spelling Juraj, (which translates to “George,” ), and Kral means “King,” in English. So yes, “King Yurai/George,” it is.

Why? “Because,” he says, without so much as a doubt, “I am the King of my Kingdom.”

As he was drawn to Japan, for no such thing as coincidence, I include the Japanese translation of Yurai: “Origin / Source.” Whilst there, he was told his name meant “history,” so we laughed a lot when, only days ago, something in him caused him to double check, and find the real meaning. Funny (with goosebumps), because we converse much about source (energy). 
“King of Source & Queen of Hearts.” 

So as it goes, we stand, Yurai & Munjeet,  “King of Source & Queen of Hearts.” 😉  

Enough said, and on with the story of “Kral Yurai,” – with everything from partying with Pamela Anderson to playing double for Robbie Williams, and being pictured with Air Force One. Read on ;). 

Yurai’s Story

By the age of 17, as a side-line job, Yurai was working as a fashion model as well as actor, (playing roles in films, videos and educational clips).  

A year later, still prior to Slovakia gaining independence from Czechoslovakia, he got his first taste of wealth, having been swept up by an Austrian company operating in Bratislava.

It wasn’t long before the company saw him as a natural leader, and would soon invite him to work directly for them, despite the closed boarders. A “lucky,” stroke, as a he was earning in one month, what most Slovaks were earning in a year. This allowed him to easily purchase his first apartment that same year.

[As an aside, whilst we’re on the topic of Yurai’s first apartment, I only find it fitting to mention, that the young, self-proclaimed King, WON an apartment some years later. How often does that happen? “Lucky,” indeed, or perhaps, incredibly blessed?].

For the following eight years, he was based out of Austria, working for four years as an electrician (alongside his father), only to head in a completely different direction – gastronomy – for another four years.  
In those years, with his earnings, he spent much time on the road, or rather, in the air, traveling the world solo, visiting 36 countries, honing his photography skills, which at the time, was still just a hobby.

By the turn of the millennium, back in Slovakia, and utterly restless, he was itching to travel again. The destination this time- Japan. 
Tipped off by a friend, who also gave him a six-month crash course in English, according to him, Japan was to be safe, with much to do, and of course, not to mention, the beautiful Japanese women.

A month into his (undefined) stay, and he’d already met and married a seemingly lovely Japanese woman, in not just one, but three wedding ceremonies- (sounds familiar- getting married thrice!).
Yurai spent a total of four years in Tokyo, learning fluent Japanese. He earned a decent salary, to say the least – working as Japan’s first importer of Slovak wines.
Not surprisingly, with his look and charm, he was scouted for modelling and acting work. It’s not often that one can say they played a starring role of a lead Hollywood actor, but Yurai did just that, playing Tom Cruise in a parody of “The Last Samurai.”

Alas, it wasn’t all fun and games, as he would soon come to learn that his new wife had suffered from manic depression, since long before they’d met. It didn’t take long before her “true colors” – or lack thereof – would come shining through.

After four years, and with his sanity still intact, he called it quits, divorced his wife, and returned to his native Slovakia, by 2004.

Back he went to Austria for a short stint, picking up some more modeling work (and even doubling for Robbie Williams in a video clip of Love Light), before eventually turning to his natural talent – photography. BUT, not before another highlight in his life…
[In February 2005, as “luck,” would have it, Yurai landed himself a position of official driver for heads of security for Bush Putin Summit in Bratislava, Slovakia. As per the pictures, you’ll see a very excited Yurai on the runway, with Air Force One dominating the background – he was the only Slovak with security access to the airport, upon departure of the President and First Lady.]

Up until officially hanging up his camera in 2014, Yurai worked predominantly as a Fashion and Portrait Photographer, holding three exhibitions in five years, and winning bronze in:
“The International Aperture Award,” in 2010,
“The International Loupe Award,” in 2011, and
“The Colour Award,” in 2013.

Photography happened to be two fold for Yurai. It gave him the freedom to continue working for himself, but it also pulled out a side of him that had never surfaced before. 
Always very cautious about what he was putting into his body, seems Yurai was a bit of a late bloomer for recreational drugs and even alcohol, but upon stepping into the world of fashion (as a photographer), they got the best of him. He fell in love again, but this time with cocaine and alcohol, compromising his body and mind. 

This brings us almost to the present moment.
A self-proclaimed “junkie,” to the nth degree, after a seven year battle with severe cocaine and alcohol addiction, Yurai was clean, first of cocaine, then of alcohol, both through EFT, both with loving support.

With the help of EFT, he was able to easily keep off the 30kg he’d dropped the year prior, and create new habits for his betterment, and though his cocaine use decreased, he wasn’t able to kick it completely.  
The end of cocaine came on an evening at a social event, when unbeknownst to me, he was using. Though we’d not known each other for so long, he was completely out of character and awfully strange.

Upon realizing, I wholeheartedly made a decision that this was not a pattern I was going to repeat again, with anybody. More than ready to end our newly born relationship, I told him where to go and how to get there, not once but twice, and to my surprise, a few minutes later, he asked if we could leave.
That was a do or die moment for me, and I went with him. Along with a few tears, we very candidly poured our hearts out to each other, arrived back to his place and yes of course, doing EFT. That was the last time Yurai ever did cocaine. However he wasn’t out of the woods just yet.

I didn’t know that alcohol was still an issue, that he too would have to cut it out completely, but we did just that.  I started to feel a reoccurring pattern, my own self-proclaimed, “partner in crime,“ syndrome.  We were celebrating a lot, as we’d found in one another the support we’d never had before, and our personal and spiritual growth was, and still is exponential, due to EFT (not to mention Silva Method, and various other healing modalities). However, in the centre of our celebrations, resided a dark shadow, a lovely bottle of wine, which might be the norm for many, but dangerous with the two of us. 

Needless to say, alcohol is gone, and in not drinking, we stay close to our source, as opposed to pushing it away. This is hugely important to the work that we do, as it better enables us to help others. 

We see ourselves as extremely blessed, having made it through the twists and turns, light and dark alley’s of our lives, to come to the mirror of each other. 

Thanks ever so much for reading and being part of our developing story – there’s so much more to come 🙂 ❤


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