Game on- water again. DAY 4 – NO FOOD

Ok, I wasn’t going to share this till later, (kind of insurance that I followed through and didn’t look like a fool if I didn’t make it to 21 days of water, (yes, again).

BUT, I just walked into the kitchen and realised that I feel really really good, and am full of creativity, and why not share every single day of this water cleanse with you?

No reason not to. So here we go, game on 😉

Truth be told, it is, as per the title of this post, Day 4 already.

The reason I’m doing this, again?

It was so enriching last time, in so many ways.
Since the original cleanse, I often do days with only water (or coffee), but I had a strong pull to go for the long haul again, and actually, this time I may go on to either 30 or 40 days. Let’s see.

Why? Well, it was that same pattern, again, my food behaviour, which spurred this, and because of the intense healing effects of good old plain water.  (It was Dr, Emoto, of Japan, with some pretty amazing research, who first got me thinking about it, a few years back. His rice study, blew was really impressive-see short video here).

I learn so much about myself when I only consume water, and namely due to the fact that I,  (not all the time, but enough), use food as a crutch, as a bandaid. As it’s the only crutch that I have, by removing it, I invite myself to go deeper inside me to deal with whatever issue I’m facing, rather then masking it with food.

Allow me to offer you an example.
A few weeks back, I’d decided I would cleanse over the time I was having my period. Actually, I’d wanted to start 40days of water then, as my period lined up with the full moon, lunar eclipse, & spring equinox = perfect ‘magical,’ timing, but I didn’t last more than four days.

What caused me to sink into my emotions and break the cleanse, opting for a very comforting meal of cookies and milk, was an experience that shook me so greatly that I couldn’t even use tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT), to clear it.

I’d seen something which triggered a slew of emotions within me, and I couldn’t shake it AT ALL. The situation took me back to being a young girl, feeling abandoned, and neglected. Surely the cookies and milk helped ALOT,  (that’s what bandaids are for), though when I felt better from them, I tapped through (EFT), the situation that my mind had shown me, and released it.

I’ve been an emotional eater for a long long time, and removing food shows me that I depend on it to solve a problem, but now, I have the ability to go straight to the root, and nip it. That is the blessing of tapping- and water further clears the pathways within me, doing the things I ask of it.

Going forward.
For sometime now, I’ve been mediating over water, energizing it.
I sit in the kitchen, in the direct sun, with my hands around a glass of water.
To get into an alpha state, I use Ho’oponono (repeating: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you).
In my mind I picture myself connected to Father Sun, with a crystal bright light. As the light moves through me to my feet, it gets darker, picking up all the negative conditioning, programming, and toxins in general, which my cells hold onto.
From there, I imagine Mother Earth taking over. She pulls outs what’s been collected in the light, absorbs it, cleans and recycles it, and from her grow beautiful flowers, reaching back up to Father sun.

Once there, in a sort of trance, my inner child comes out. She’s the cutest thing, with angel wings.
From the top of my head, she moves along, over my whole body, massaging it, and aiding in the cleansing.

After she’s done, I see myself drinking the energized water.  It cleanses every single cell of my body, and fills them with love.
I imagine all this, with the light from Father Sun, absorption of the stuff that no longer serves me by Mother Earth, and it works wonders for me.

After this, I tend to my plants – black beans, which I’ve grown from scratch – which offers me much solace, and the day goes on.

As I’ve decided to share this with you, every day, I’ll be writing about the water cleanse. Today is day four, and as I said before, I feel marvellous.

More from me tomorrow, time to catch some sun 🙂

Much peace and love,

PS: Last night I cooked a meal for my husband, without tasting, of course, and needless to say, it was orgasmic (his words!).
Let it be known that I love food. I love how it lights up all my senses. I love the art of food. I love cooking. I love playing with it and in fact, give considerable time to Pinterest, looking up new things all the time.
In saying al this, food is not the issue, nor my issue, but I do this to get to the root of what exactly my issue is. This, I might add, is my way, my truth, and not for everyone.


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