Notes on first 4 days of cleansing – NO FOOD

Commenced Cleanse on Saturday, 11 April
Day 1: easy as pie, literally, nothing out of the ordinary and quite happy not to eat. Drank mostly water, with 2 cups of light coffee. (Details below).
Day 2:  same as above, except, as there was a bottle of fresh grape juice,  I had a glass in the evening, (made from scratch by Yurai’s parents – literally fresh grapes which were crushed and frozen immediately after picking).  
Day 3: Loved the juice from previous night and with it’s diuretic properties (full of all kinds of goodness, including fiber :)), I decided to go through the whole bottle. Needless to say, the toilet was indeed my best friend!
By late afternoon, I was very tired, and tucked into bed, for what turned out to be a 40 minute(ish) nap, which felt like half a night of sleep. I felt very very cold when I went to bed, and had a bizarre feeling, that I was a wave, (a wave of water moving in slow motion). I didn’t pay too much attention to it.
Awoke alright and made sure to drink water and suck on some salt, followed by rosehip tea, (also made by Yurai’s parents).
Oddly when I went to bed for the night, I had the same feeling of being a wave. Nothing to say about that other than it was a very cool and good feeling. 🙂
Day 4: A.m.a.z.i.n.g.
I was so full of creativity yesterday. Back to mostly water and coffee, and powered through the day. Got out into the sun, which was gorgeous and filled me further. Got “lost” in taking pictures 🙂
I find myself tiring faster, especially when I’m on my feet (I’m standing whilst working online from my computer) – which only gives more reason to take breaks more often! 🙂 
Events leading up to the cleanse:
I’d been contemplating it for a week already, not feeling the need to eat, so by the time Saturday rolled around, I was ready, and I started, with great ease, feeling that it was the perfect timing. 
This was much the same way as I’d commenced the last cleanse, and feeling really balanced, I had great resolve within me, that I would get through an emotional woes, with tapping, no matter how strong they are. 
During the last cleanse, I experienced some very neat things.
By week two, I’d adjusted to solely drinking water, having got into a rhythm of sipping through a glass approximately every hour.
Everything was fine until one day, my belly started to bloat. A couple of years ago that would have been really strange, seeing to it as I wasn’t eating food, but knowing what I now know, I asked myself- what in my life am I not digesting? 
Being bloated, further confirmed in me that it isn’t food that necessarily causes bloating, (unless we have an internal subconscious program which expects us to), rather, that it was a sign to dig into my life to see where there was discord. (I’ve learned much through Louise Hay in the last couple years, and he ideas and experiences make very much sense to me. A good starting point for me was her book “Heal Your Body,” which is my bible).
Through tapping (EFT), and releasing the issue, so too did I release the bloating. 🙂 
This is one of the reasons why I cleanse now, as I mentioned before, to further go inward, and not use food as a crutch to hide from something in my life. 
I’m well aware that this may come across as a whole bunch of esoteric talk. It’s my truth, and I encourage you to make your own. 
Much continued love and peace. 


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