Notes from DAYS 9/10/11 Body/Mind Cleanse- NO FOOD

Day 9
Had difficulty sleeping and actually had much energy, and ideas.
Was thinking about food, and creating more amazing things, starting a food blog, etc – was quite excited.

Got up to use the loo at some point, after I had finally fallen asleep. Must have been around 2-3 am, and didn’t fall back asleep til the trams started running about about 4am, and the birds were singing. 

Though my mind was going again, in creative mode, my body still lags a little.
Had a bowel movement this morning!! Who could ever be so excited about that? 🙂 
Well, I’d been expecting it for days and finally I let go of whatever it was I’d been holding onto. Today is a day of change. 🙂

Don’t know if I saw it or heard it, or what, but through my sleep, the message I was getting was “communication.” I know what that means for me – what I’ve been talking about for the last week, get out and connect with the world again. Being a hermit doesn’t suit me.
Day 10

-Awoke sooooo tired.

-Yurai and I had a taste for coffee, so we went into town for one. It was lovely, but we both turned to one another and said it was unnecessary.

-My breath is horrid – (and when I say horrid, I mean HORRID! I actually licked my hand and took a whiff, and nearly fainted). Thank goodness Yurai and I are doing this together!

-I stink (body odour).

-My skin is awesome.

-Cellulite is disintegrating from legs

-Haven’t had need for salt
-My sleep habits seem to be shifting. Tonight, if I’m buzzing with energy, I’ll get up and work my creativity, instead of doing it in my mind, awake in bed.

-We’re developing a carpet of hair, all over the place, (and every where I go!), no matter how often I clean. Seems I’m releasing dead hair at a faster rate. Not a worry, as I’ve got plenty, and it’s still shiny and strong.

I am infinitely grateful for our tongue scrapers, which are working overtime. That little metal tool, goes a very long way, immediately cleaning.
This is, alas, part of the detox process. It comes out everywhere, hence I mentioned that I stink. Might sound funny, but it’s the truth.
I normally don’t wear deodrant these days, and for the most part I’m fine. This is different though, like you can’t even scrub the smell away.  But again, it’s part of the detox and cleansing process, so I roll with it.
Being out was wonderful. We took in some sun, enjoyed coffee slowly, and replayed our infamous first kiss, at the café where we met. I’m all up for PDA, why not? 🙂 And while we’re on the topic, neither of us has had the urge for sex, though we’re still very affectionate. (This is amazing, considering Yurai was a borderline sex addict). Don’t get me wrong, we’re regulars – and maybe it’s got to do with the tiredness – though I can say, last night’s massage was magical. 😉  Being present in each others presence is in and of itself very strong. 

An interesting point to mention is that last week, my vision was starting to go funny. I’ve been blessed with 20/20 vision thus far, and don’t at all believe age has anything to do with failing eyesight.
Low and behold, it’s perfect again! :)) What did I do? Tapping! Of course, and I reckon the healing properties of the water played a role too.  (No it wasn’t just something stuck in my eyes, it was more like a layer of fuzz, over both of them, and I was squinting to see.

Now then, in the very first post I’d mentioned how much I love food, everything about it and what it does for each of my senses. Needless to say, I miss cooking, more so than eating.  This cleanse is different in that as Yurai and I are doing it together, and I’m not cooking for him.  The last time, I was coming up with all kinds of creative and delicious stuff (so he says 😉 ), and I really miss that, BUT that’s over soon, as we’re invited to his parents this weekend, and guess who’s cooking? 🙂 I don’t think anyone would have it any other way.

We’re both looking very much forward to the high of creativity through playing with food.  Pictures, and details to come, of course. 
Loving the effects of this cleanse.
Day 11
Finally, I slept like a kitten, through the whole night, and refreshed in the morning.
Dreams are becoming far more real, and I seem to be dealing with stuff from my waking life, whilst asleep. Resolutions, creation, fun…all kinds of goodness.
Normal bladder releases.
No bowel movement.
Focus is better, learning much in regards to energy.

Early in bed.


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