Notes from DAYS 16-19, Body/Mind Cleanse – NO FOOD

DAY 16
                                                                 OMG OMG OMG!
French Onion soup w/ Brioche & 3 types of cheese
I’m sitting in the kitchen at Yurai’s parents waiting to start cooking. 🙂
Yesterday was just phenomenol. I was in the vortex all day long. (In my element).
Everyone’s still sleeping (it’s before 6am), and already I prolonged in bed for about an hour, trying to convince myself to rest. Alas, my excitement gets the best of me.

I thought it was later than it is, as it’s overcast outside, but no, sunrise hasn’t occurred yet. I was already downstairs, just after 5:30am (?!?).
Fist time ever- homemade Brioche
I feel as light as a feather, really really good, not having eaten for two weeks now.
Despite finally being in touch with beautiful food, I’ve had no desire to eat anything. Although, I must admit, the one thing that went straight to my blood upon opening yesterday was NOT the raw chocolate cake, NOT the gourmet bread snacks I’d made for everyone, nor the thought of the brioche I’m baking….It was bryndza, (traditional Slovak cheese). I think it’s official, it is my favorite food in the world!
Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto w/ homemade mayo
Later in the day: 
It was so brilliant and I was full steam ahead until around 3pm, when I finally sat down and closed my eyes. Even still, sleep evaded me. I rested my body for a few mins and then was back up, prepping French bowls of French onion soup for taking pictures.
Throughout the day, I had two coffees, one with and one without milk, maybe even three.
I did taste the French onion soup broth, as well as the shrimp broth, which was piled on top of the beautiful risotto that Yurai made. They were amazing, and still no desire to eat.

It’s just after 8pm, and we returned home a short while ago.
What a weekend of creativity….I played and played and played with food.
Spinach salad with all kinds of surprises 🙂 
I’m still full of energy, but calm, if that makes sense.
I have no desire for food, no ill effects, no headaches, no muscle spasms, no dizziness.
Being in my element was a huge shift. Nothing mattered but creating beautiful food, and giving everyone a little piece of my heart through it.

Upon arriving home, I went straight to my bean plants (I have 17 of them around the flat 😉 ), and sure enough some had wilted. I watered them immediately, apologizing & went straight into ‘Ho’oponopono,’ (repeating: I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you), whilst hovering my hands over them, all of which was coming very naturally/intuitively to me.
Yurai’s risotto, topped w/ my shrimp concoction 

The most amazing thing happened whilst doing so…I felt energy coming from the plants, (like an auric field), and especially from the one which was most wilted, so I stayed over it, a little longer. I kid you not, when I went back into the kitchen a few minutes later, it was already livening up again. 🙂 I wish I had, but no, didn’t take pictures.

This greater sense for the energy that we are, be it sentient or not, started happening towards the end of my last 21 day cleanse, and it was so strong in my hands, to the point where I was waking up in the middle of the night, with my hands like electricity between them.
Thee best ever Raw Chocolate Cake!

It’s happening again- something I welcome very much, and if only for this incredible feeling, I’d continue on water past Friday, which marks the end of three weeks without food. I’m ever so curious to see what else awaits me, what awaits us both, Yurai and I, though we take it one day at a time. 🙂 
Loving this, all of it.
PS: I mentioned that through the detox process, not only was my breath horrid, but body odour was almost unbearable. Yurai and I both noticed that neither of us (after everything we did yesterday, including him playing with his nephews), stink, and our breath, doesn’t smell like an animal ate its own poo, then crawled into our mouths and died. 😉

Every day in every way, getting better, better and better. ❤

DAY 17

Been up since about 4am. Lingered in bed until I couldn’t any longer, and got up just after 5am.
Water meditation done and now, I gaze out the kitchen window, watching the sky go from a sleepy blue hue, blossoming int pink and peach, letting me know the arrival of the sun is near.

I am very much at peace, having slept wonderfully and soundly, all night through.
I awoke thinking about the food I’d cooked over the weekend, and am looking forward to possibly another cooking fest this coming weekend.
Lost steam around 11am ish, and went back to bed. Needed that nap. Dreamt that Yurai and I were time traveling, but wearing different bodies.

All in all, tired today. Still happy with food thoughts :).  And, now that I’ve got an iron- thanks to Yurai’s parents, I’m designing 🙂

Ready for bed at like 8pm, though we watched “The Perks of Being A Wallflower,” a truly great film, which highly resonated with me. If you haven’t seen it, I do recommend it. 🙂 

Good news- cook fest confirmed, and I get to do it all over again in a few short days. 🙂

DAY 18
Awoke at 9am without a hitch! 🙂 I had a nice long sleep with dreams all over the place. 

I have a little muscle soreness in my abs and legs (which are both stronger), and  I couldn’t place why, as I’d done much walking yesterday, and a few seconds worth of running (for a bus). But then I remembered the lovely romp we’d had in the morning. I’m in the ‘spring’ or ‘virgin’ phase of my menstrual cycle, which is full of creativity, blossoming and newness. A very fun phase ;D

Towards the end of yesterday, I was having slight stomach twinges. Had a couple of bowel movements, and I’m looking forward to releasing it all, as my belly is still holding something.

Was feeling hungry this morning, and I asked myself what I’d love to eat. A full English breakfast, thank you very much. 🙂 So I went on Pinterest, and ingested some beautiful pictures. Enough. 🙂

I’m thinking to myself that being close to the end of my three weeks without food, I’d like to go to the next level and do 30 days. Let’s see.

10:30am and feeling good, at peace, and looking forward to today. 
Spent much of the day in quietness, in mediation. Seems I needed it. 

DAY 19
Approx 6:30am
Out of bed and refreshed! 
Slept very wallets night and dreamt about food.
Did water meditation, with my sewing machine sitting directly in front of me, and got an idea for a dress. 
I think my new food blog, “Food is the Way, My Way,” will be about food and designing…OR I’ll leave the design stuff for here. 

I Fell into a semi sleep whilst listening to a podcast, and had some pretty significant dreams.
1- I was in my bedroom, feeling woozy, having gotten out of bed and fainted.
2- I saw a spoon of honey.  
3- Again, the essence of a person from my past was in my dream. 
4- A woman, unknown to me was trying to convince me to teach yoga again.

When I awoke, I didn’t in the least feel rested, very much feeling faint. I was going to tap, and sat in the kitchen in the sun, allowing it to shine on me. I remembered the honey from my dream, had a spoon, and immediately felt better.

I resolved the issue with the person from my past, and so happy to detach, finally.

The yoga dream….? I will teach again, but not now. I see myself teaching yoga in about 20 years, somewhere in the tropics, with an ocean view. 🙂 

Creative juices started to flow, as I finally got my food blog up and running. No recipe as yet, but I did have to start with my personal “Food Manifesto,” something I wrote a couple of years ago, which still resonates  (most of it, as I’ve softened out since then- at least I believe so! :)).

I’m connecting with more beautiful people from all over the world. I like this phase a lot. 

I realized that part of my tiredness had to do with not cooking, and out of desperation, I almost posted on facebook, that I would go to someone’s home and cook dinner for them, and then I remembered my self-value. There’s a time and a place for everything- be patient. 
The quality of my food is like going to the opera, not the cinema.

Low and behold, I did get to cook in the end, as Yurai’s no longer on water. It was a simple lunch, but I got to play with food nonetheless. 🙂  A very productive and creative day, all in all. 

I’m grateful to be alive, to be in a state of love, with love around me- which I send to you <3. 


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