Notes from DAYS 20-21, Body/Mind Cleanse – NO FOOD

Day 20

-It’s around 6:30am
-I’m doing very well. Slept a peaceful night and can’t remember any dreams.
-Look forward to this beautiful day.
-No tiredness
-Very creative – happliy designing today
-Yurai commented that the whites of my eyes are clearer, and so too, is my skin, and lighter also. My brother also noticed that.
-Bowel movement midday – odd. Wasn’t quiet solid, but not the runs either. Forgot to mention this altogether in previous days, though it has been consistent (daily) since the weekend.
I did have a lot of milk over the two days in my lattes, and as well as a spoon of French onion soup broth, and the broth from the shrimp.  Most importantly though, I feel I’m getting rid of stuff that is no longer serving me, that’s been stuck in my body. More decisions being made, and moving forward, feeling good.

I feel progression, especially with my emotions. At the beginning of the cleanse, I was seeing clearly how my need for food was tied to feelings, and not necessarily hunger. That became more evident around the second week of the cleanse, and especially around my period.

The amazing thing is that I experienced such strong anger today that I haven’t in a long time. Initially I did do EFT for it, but I’m finding I have less and less need for it. AND- big win – I didn’t even think about food when I was really angry. An amazing step forward, and why I would like to carry on with the cleanse to 30 days, it feels like the way for me.
I like this feeling, I like this new programming, and would like to save it into my subconscious before moving back to food.
I’m excited and curious about the path ahead.
Day 21 – What was to be the last day 🙂 

-It’s about 6am or so. Finished water meditation, with a candle beside me, as the sun hasn’t poked out yet.
-Feeling very much at peace.
-Slept early last night, and though I don’t remember any of it, Yurai said I was talking in my sleep. I was helping solve some woman’s problems, though he doesn’t remember any of the conversation, I had clearly said a name of Japanese or Chinese descent. Interesting. 
-Bowel “movement” again, but no formation, rather clear, and liquidy, and very airy!! Still letting go of stuff, but all in all, everything is clearer. 

Today is the last day of my cleanse, technically, but as I’ve been foreshadowing, I’m up for another 9 days, taking me up to 30 days.

And over the next 9 days, I intend to prepare to eat. The last time I came out of the 21 day cleanse, I paid no attention to what I was eating and put any and everything in my beautiful body, taking her very much for granted. My first meal was the infamous Slovak duck and cabbage- made by a dear friend- and so very tasty, though I’ll be doing things different this time around. 

My breakfast concoction 😉 

I envisage Ayurvedic khichari, (Indian lentils with rice) for it’s healing properties, with lots of ginger and tumeric, salads of homemade grown sprouts and legumes, (which I’ll start prepping in a few days), juices, and soups. Also, I really wish to make everything from scratch. I love food, all of it, bread included. I went gluten free for a long time, and I don’t care for it anymore. I look forward to baking my own breads, ciabattas, foccacia’s what not. 🙂

I spent a few hours designing a skirt after writing the above, and then moved onto making Yurai breakfast. It was like a cake, layered with cheesey (very mature cheddar), scrambled eggs, caramelised onions, thinly sliced courgette, and mashed potato. As I was in creative mode, I covered it all with a combination of goat cheese, walnuts, garlic, & thyme. Needless to say, I don’t always get it right, (especially when not tasting!!), and in the end, I did a makeover, scraping off the outer layer, which served as the perfect snack for Yurai later in the day. 

And, I made potato chips for the first time! Loving food, loving playing, and  look forward to cooking and eating together again. 

Went out last night to a book launch. It was nice, packed, a very artsy fartsy crowd – but overwhelming for me. I ducked out early, which I’m happy about – listening to my intuition comes more naturally these days. 
Guys, whoever you are that’s reading my rambles, I thank you sincerely. 

If ever you’ve got questions about this cleanse or food in general, do ask. I’ve been through the whole gamut of food related issues, and have never felt more free. 

Much peace and love ❤


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