Notes from DAY 22-24 Body/Mind Cleanse- NO FOOD

Day 22 approx 5:30am
-Another early day
-Water meditation done
-So very grateful for this existence, this day, this body, which in all it’s abundant health, allows me to touch, taste, smell, and see clearly….I’m so blessed to be able to walk, talk, ponder, write, cook, give, create…and be.
I feel this is an extraordinary day. I get to play with food, whilst watching over kids as their parents are out shooting a music video.
A brilliant day indeed.
Started out with a lovely breakfast for the children and Yurai, followed by preparing the infamous chocolate banana ice cream (complete with moosetracks! (little sandwiches of chocolate with peanut butter in the middle).
Into the freezer it went, and after some drawing with Mia, I headed back to the kitchen.

It was Indian food on the cards for Sunday lunch, and I though it best to prepare in advance. In doing so, I added to the menu. The idea started with a vegetable curry (potato, carrots, cauliflower & peas),  lentils & rice with cumin, to which I tagged on veggie koftas and roti. A LOT more work, which I didn’t think about, but was well worth it.

I’d resisted cooking Indian food whilst cleansing because I don’t measure anything, and taste my way through the spicing of it all. I had my testers though, and by the sounds of it, it all went quite well.
Went off to bed early, but as per usual these days, I didn’t sleep for a long time. I’m ok with that, as it just turns into ‘me time,’ and I get to meditate.
This new-found energy is wonderful, simply wonderful.
Day 23
A few hours of sleep, and up at 5ish, ready to go, but stayed in bed, as I’d already done all the prep work for food. Stared at the ceiling, happy, in love, watching Yurai sleep….

I can’t say it enough, I’m just so grateful.

Had an interesting dream. If you read a few days back, that I’d dreamt about a woman in a green satin dress (which I admired and wanted to make), who gave birth to a dragon, this was like part two of that: I was doing a fitting on myself, seeing myself trying on a green satin dress that I’d just made. I quite like this—moving forward, indeed. 🙂
I volunteered to do breakfast for the family as well as the scheduled lunch, and no one objected. 😉
It was relatively simple, pan-fried bread with rosemary, cheese, eggs, with a salad of thinly sliced courgettes (cooked quickly in butter and olive oil), shredded iceberg lettuce, caramelized red onions, rosemary & plum tomatoes.
I had no problems not eating with the everyone. Their happiness filled me.  🙂 

The Indian lunch was great, though admittedly, I cooked enough to feed the whole neighborhood!! A good lesson, all in all about quantities of food, as I go forward with cooking for others -personal chef’fing. 😉

Oddly, or not, I was tired later, and not, at the same time. I took break from the kitchen, and moved into doing some numerology. More fun stuff. 🙂 

I had a couple of coffees with a little milk, which led to a bowel release fairly soon after. Don’t need it, stick to water.
Feeling really really good, overall. Again, another day at peace, very much at peace, feet grounded in the state of love.
The way is very very clear.

Day 24
Finally, my body rested. Awoke at around 8:30am, feeling completely new.
We popped out to get a couple things for Yurai’s breakfast, and when he picked up ripe avocado’s, my mind went straight to my famous breakfast which I used to make for friends back in the UK.

Whilst preparing it for him, I had a beautiful conversation with my body. I was thinking about being hungry, which is starting to happen, especially knowing that my 30 days is almost up.
The conversation that occurred was about where I stand with food now, and my body. 
She knows that I am not punishing her, not refraining food from her. 
She knows that this is the union that needed to occur for so long, balance, this mind body balance – this incredible, never before feeling I’m now having.

This week is about further researching how to make our favorite things from scratch, like bread, like chocolate. I’ve already got chia seeds on the go, (sprouting), and will start the process with alfalfa, just as soon as I finish writing.  I look forward to bread the most, as it’s new for me, and I love to sprout wheat berries, and make my own flour.
I love this. I love life.

It’s 2:30pm, and I just had an unbelievable bowel release- like a real one. Well formed, dark, normal, something expected after eating, not drinking. 

What’s most interesting is that only a couple of hours ago, I’d said to Yurai that I felt the need to release, and it was the usual, sort of slimy, almost nothing after a coffee with milk. He said there’s still something stuck in me, I’m still holding on to something in my intestines. Boy, was he right! Every time we have this conversation, I release. He really is a wizard!
Also, I’m doing a ‘Womb Blessing,’ later tonight (at 1am), and was reading through the meditation that I’ll do pre, during and post, and in just reading it, I got emotional. The point is to heal, release old patterns, and shine in my divine feminine energy, whilst further embracing being in union with Yurai. I believe just envisaging the meditation to prepare for it, also contributed to my bowel release.

Again, so blessed by life.

As always, thanks for tuning in :** 


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